What Happens If Cra Goes On Strike?

what happens if cra goes on strike?

What Happens If the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Goes On Strike?

Labour disputes and strikes can disrupt the smooth running of government departments and agencies. In this article, we explore what happens if the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), the body responsible for administering tax laws for the Government of Canada and for most provinces and territories, goes on strike. We will also present options available to Canadians through the CRA website, mobile app, and call centre if such a situation occurs.

General Implications of a CRA Strike

The CRA plays a crucial role in the federal government's operations, from collecting taxes, delivering benefits, and administering various social and economic programs. As such, a strike could potentially halt these critical services, causing delays in processing tax returns, issuing refunds, and auditing accounts.

However, it is important to remember that the government usually has contingency plans in place to maintain essential services. Non-unionized staff and management may be tasked with running core operations during the strike.

The CRA Website: Your Online Solution

The CRA website, being a digital platform, remains accessible 24/7. While some updates might be delayed due to a strike, the website contains self-service options that could enable taxpayers to handle most typical tasks.

Taxpayers can access a wide array of information and tools. These include viewing your account balance, updating your personal information, checking the status of your tax returns, and making payments. Ensure that your account details are up to date on the system to facilitate communication and prevent potential delays.

MyCRA: The Mobile App for Tax Services

Technology has made it possible for Canadians to access CRA services from the comfort of their homes. The MyCRA mobile app allows users to view their tax information, manage tax affairs, and keep track of the new tax-related deadlines.

Through the app, taxpayers can access the same services as those offered on the website, such as viewing tax return status, account balance, remittance vouchers, and direct deposit information. The mobile app also offers extra convenience as you can access these services anytime, anywhere.

Contacting the CRA Call Centre

In situations where you need personalized assistance, contacting the CRA call centre could be an alternative. Even during a strike, a limited staff might be available to answer calls, although you may experience longer than usual wait times.

Before making a call, ensure you have relevant documents at your disposal such as your social insurance number, tax returns, and notices of assessment. This will make the process smoother and enable the agent to assist you more efficiently.


While a strike at the CRA could cause certain disruptions, there are several avenues that stay open for Canadians to manage their tax affairs. Being aware of the alternative services available online and through mobile apps can help taxpayers navigate potential delays and continue to comply with their tax obligations.

In all scenarios, patience and understanding are necessary as strikes result from grievances that need addressing for everyone's long-term benefit. Ultimately, it's in everyone's interest to ensure that the work of the CRA proceeds smoothly and effectively.