How Does Cra Know About Rental Income

how does cra know about rental income

Understanding How the CRA Tracks Rental Income: An In-Depth Review

In the realm of taxes, one area that often poses a challenge for Canadians is the declaration and management of rental income. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has an intricate system for managing and monitoring such income. This article will explore how the CRA knows about your rental income, providing insight into ways to proceed via the website, mobile app, and call centre.

Website Option

Serving millions of Canadians every year, The CRA's official website stands as a primary resource for taxpayers. The online portal facilitates easy reporting of rental income, providing a straightforward way for CRA to track such earnings.

When you report your income through the CRA website, you need to specify the source of your revenues. If you are a landlord, you're required to declare your rental income by logging into your CRA account and filling out the T776 form. This Statement of Real Estate Rentals form provides a detailed record of your income for CRA review.

It's essential to accurately fill in information regarding total gross rental income, rent expenses, and the net result to avoid potential ramifications. The CRA website also has resources to help you understand which expenses are eligible deductions.

Mobile App Option

With the evolution of technology, the CRA isn't left behind in simplifying the tax reporting process. The agency offers a mobile app, 'MyCRA,' a platform teeming with features and functions to effectively track your rental income.

Using the app, all you need to do is register for a CRA login, and you can access your tax information at any time. With the mobile app, filing your rental income is just a few taps away, and the CRA will receive this detailed information instantaneously. Remember, all rental income — from traditional property rentals to short-term rentals like Airbnb earnings — need to be reported via this platform.

Call Centre Option

If you're not technically savvy or prefer human interaction, you can report your rental income via the CRA's call centre. Trained agents handle such calls and guide you through the entire process of declaring your income. To prepare, you should collate important information such as the location of your rental property, type of rental (long term, short term, etc.), and rental income for the year before making the call.

The CRA uses this information to track your rental income, updating their records accordingly. It is always important to be accurate and honest about your earnings and expenses to avoid any complications or penalties from the CRA, especially as they have various methods for cross-referencing your information with that of third-party entities.


Rental income is an essential aspect of many Canadians' livelihoods. Therefore, understanding how the CRA tracks this income and the options available for reporting it can significantly simplify this aspect of financial management. Whether through their website, mobile app or call centre, the CRA offers multiple channels to make the process less daunting and more streamlined. Keep in mind that honesty, accuracy, and timely reporting are critical to a hassle-free rental income declaration.

For more clarity or personalised guidance, consider consulting a tax professional or reaching out to the CRA directly.