About Currency Mart

Currency Mart Today

Currency Mart Inc., one of the leading private currency exchange business in Canada, have been in business for over a decade and handle over 40 million dollars in transactions a year. We operate 4 retail outlets and 10 staff in 2 provinces and some of our locations open 7 days a week. Since 2009, we completed more than 170,000 transactions, served more than 100,000 customers and exchanged more than 300 million dollars.

The attractions of Currency Mart is better than banks' rate and instant availability. Working with 2 out of 6 major commercial banks in Canada, by combining clients' small amount transactions to a single large amount transaction, we are able to get better deals from banks and pass the savings to customers. Additionally, we keep foreign banknotes in stock for most travel destination countries, so customers do not have to order and wait anymore, they can get the cash they need right the way.

Currency Mart History

The currency exchange market had a new player since 2009, Currency Mart. From an office on Portage Ave. conducting electronic fund transfers only, to a multiple locations currency exchange broker maintaining 50+ foreign currencies in stock. Currency Mart aims to the highest standard to provide knowledgeable staff, friendly customer service, the convenience, and the best currency exchange rates possible.

In 2009, Currency Mart registered with the Canadian regulatory body, FINTRAC to obtain a money service business license to provide a currency exchange service. The service aimed towards corporate customers only and also limited transactions to electronic fund transfers.

In 2013, Currency Mart expanded a retail branch in Winnipeg downtown Graham Ave. This retail branch maintains foreign currency in stock for the convenience of Winnipeggers or customers can preorder foreign currency with us and save 2% on currency exchange rates.

In 2014, Currency Mart started publishing its currency exchange rates on its website. Customers could inquire about rates by phone or by the click of their mouse, all information was available on our website. The transparency helped Currency Mart to grow and gain the trust of customers.

In 2016, a new location was established in St. Vital Shopping Centre to serve the southern part of the city and abroad with the convenience of easy access and ample parking. Longer hours is also a highlight for this particular location, especially on Sundays or evenings when banks are closed.

In 2018, a new currency exchange retail location was established in downtown Toronto PATH.

In 2019, Currency Mart added a fourth location in the North York area of Toronto.

In 2020, Currency Mart Online is available. It is a online platform for customers to conduct currency exchange 24/7 without leaving their homes. With bill payment system supported by banks, customers can book their trade with us and the fund can be settled within 48 hours.

Currency Mart Tomorrow

We are still actively looking for new physical locations to establish retail shops. Base on our estimate, Canada has enough population and currency exchange volumn to support around 1000 locations. We are currently concentrade on Great Toronto Area and hope can expend to BC or Quebec in the next few years. Beside physical locations, we are also relaize the tread of online shopping tread. Currently, all our services are available online, customers can trade, chat and pay us anywhere, anytime. In addition to currency exchange service, we would like to expand our services to precious metals, cryptocurrency, loans and mortgages.