Where To Exchange Peruvian Money In Philippines

where to exchange peruvian money in philippines

Where to Exchange Peruvian Money in The Philippines: A Comprehensive Guide

In the Philippines' bustling cities and captivating islands, you may find it challenging to find a reliable exchange for Peruvian currencies, but fear not. This guide is designed for the fellow travelers and expatriates yearning to cruise the archipelago with strategically converted Soles in hand.

Central Bank Of The Philippines

The Central Bank of the Philippines, known as Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), is the ideal choice when looking to exchange foreign currencies. BSP deals directly with a range of global currencies and offers relatively low fees compared to private steel vaults. However, the conversion of Peruvian Soles to Philippine Pesos may not be as straightforward due to the lesser demand for Soles. Do remember to check BSP’s website for any updates regarding its foreign exchange services.

Money Changers in Major Cities

In large metropolitan areas like Manila, Cebu, and Davao, there are numerous authorized money changers that offer competitive rates. Shops such as Czarina Foreign Exchange and Sanry’s are well-established businesses that serve a variety of international currencies. Nonetheless, the availability of Soles may vary, so it’s suggested to call ahead or visit in person to verify.

Commercial Banks

Commercial banks, such as Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Philippine National Bank (PNB), and Metrobank, also provide foreign currency exchange services. However, the exchange of less common currencies like the Peruvian Sol might require pre-ordering and potentially higher fees.

Online Currency Exchange Platforms

With the advent of online transactions, several digital exchange platforms have emerged in the foreign exchange realm. Companies like CurrencyFair and TransferWise offer safe, reliable, and often competitively priced currency exchange services. These platforms often provide better rates than brick-and-mortar institutions. They support a broad spectrum of global currencies, but it's crucial to confirm the availability of the Peruvian Sol for a direct exchange to Philippine Pesos.

Hotel Currency Exchange Services

Most tourist-friendly hotels in the Philippines offer onsite foreign exchange services for the convenience of their guests. Though convenient, these typically come with higher fees and less competitive rates, as they're principally designed for minimal transactions.

Airport Foreign Exchange Bureaus

Many international airports in the Philippines, such as Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila and Mactan–Cebu International Airport, have foreign exchange bureaus located in their terminals. These typically offer services around the clock, echoing the non-stop nature of international air travel. However, these bureaus often have higher fees and less favorable rates than city center options.

Prepaid Forex Cards

Another possible solution for your currency conversion needs is a prepaid forex card. You can load these specialized cards with the desired currency at a local bank in Peru before your travel. Once in the Philippines, the card can be used at ATMs to withdraw in the local currency, Peso, and one can keep tabs on currency fluctuation.

The Final Note

Always remember to cross-check the day's exchange rate before proceeding with your transaction and to always prioritize a trusted and reliable service. Every centavo counts, and minimal effort in research could lead to substantial savings. This article equips you with various possible venues where you could potentially exchange your Peruvian money in the Philippines. Keep hold of your Sol, and let it guide you on your Philippine adventure!