Where To Exchange Money In Egypt

where to exchange money in egypt


In the ever-dynamic realm of currency exchange, knowledge is power, and understanding how and where to exchange money in Egypt could save you a substantial amount of money. This article explores the best places to perform this monetary transformation feat, from banks and exchange bureaus to online platforms and ATMs.

Banking Institutions

Banks are often a reliable choice for currency exchange given their widespread presence and comparatively reasonable rates. Major Egyptian banks such as the Central Bank of Egypt, the National Bank of Egypt, and Banque Misr are commonly accessed by both locals and tourists alike. These banks typically have numerous conveniently located branches in cities and tourist destinations throughout Egypt.

Exchange Bureaus

Aside from banks, exchange bureaus represent another widespread and readily available option. Companies such as "Forex" and "Thomas Cook" are among the most popular in Egypt. They also tend to offer competitive rates, often better than those offered by banks. This compensates for their typically higher service fees.

Hotel Currency Exchange Desks

You might consider the convenience of exchanging money at your hotel. Most high-end hotels in Egypt have a currency exchange desk that serves guests. The requirements for using this service are minimal, and the transaction is usually quick. However, the rates are likely to be less favorable compared to banks or exchange bureaus.


ATMs are a practical resource for short-notice currency exchange. You can find a network of ATMs present even in the areas less frequented by tourists. These devices offer 24-hour services, providing further convenience. However, be aware of transactions fees that may apply, not only from the Egyptian bank but potentially from your home bank as well.

Online Currency Exchange Platforms

Recent times have witnessed the rise of online currency exchange platforms, which offer competitive rates and convenient transactions right at your fingertips. Websites such as "Travelex" or apps like "Revolut" allow you to exchange your home currency to Egyptian pounds while avoiding hefty fees. However, bear in mind that you should have internet access to use these platforms.

Travel Cards

Pre-loaded travel cards, such as those offered by "MasterCard" or "Visa," allow you to carry a fixed currency value and use it seamlessly in Egypt. These cards often offer competitive exchange rates but bear in mind that a fee may be associated with loading the card with funds.

Cautionary Measures

However you decide to exchange your currency, remember the following precautions: - Always check the current exchange rate to make sure you're getting a fair deal. - Make sure to ask about any potential service fees before committing to a currency exchange. - It's generally safer to use official banking or currency exchange establishments rather than informal or unlicensed operations. - Keep your exchange receipts in case you need to convert any leftover Egyptian pounds back to your home currency.


With a myriad of options available for currency exchange in Egypt, your choice will depend on your specific needs and circumstances. Make sure to choose the most reliable and economical method for optimal savings in your international monetary evolutions.