Where To Exchange Money In Dubai

where to exchange money in dubai

Where to Exchange Money in Dubai: Your Convenient Guide to Money Changing Spots

As the Guardian of Money Exchange, I am eager to provide insight into the world of currency exchange in Dubai. This bustling desert city is home to a myriad of options for exchanging your currency to Dirhams. Each unique place has its pros and cons, but fear not, this guide will navigate you smoothly through it.


Banks are usually the first place many people consider when it comes to exchanging money. Known for their secure transactions and assurance, banks provide a safe and usually reliable method for converting your currency. Some suggested banks for foreign exchange in Dubai include Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, and Standard Chartered UAE. Each offers both foreign currency deposit and currency exchange services with competitive rates and secure transactions.

Specialized Currency Exchange Bureaus

These established chains are scattered across Dubai and offer competitive exchange rates. Al Rostamani International Exchange (ARIE), UAE Exchange, and Al Ansari Exchange are prominent examples. These reputed exchange bureaus provide real-time exchange rates, round-the-clock service in some locations, and even home delivery of exchanged currency.

Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport is also an accessible destination for exchanging currency, particularly for tourists. The exchange counters facilitate instant currency conversion for arriving and departing visitors. Though conveniently located, it's worth noting that the rates might be slightly higher due to the associated convenience charges.


Hotels in Dubai often provide exchange services for their guests. Although the convenience might be tempting, keep in mind guests are likely to encounter higher rates than they would at a typical bank or currency exchange bureau. It's commonly used as a last resort or for small amounts due to its convenient access.

Gold Souk and Local Markets

An intriguing fact about Dubai's Gold Souk and local markets is that they also trade in currency. These markets often have several money exchanges that offer competitive and sometimes negotiable rates. It may seem unconventional, but it is a widely exercised practice within the city.

Online Currency Exchange Platforms

Digitalization has led to the emergence of platforms that allow users to carry out money exchange transactions from anywhere. Companies such as Currencies Direct, XendPay, and OFX provide online currency exchange services with competitive rates and minimal transaction fees. The transactions are simple, speedy, and can be carried out at any time, providing a level of comfort and convenience that some of the traditional methods can't match.


Large shopping malls in Dubai usually house at least one currency exchange bureau. The advantage of these locations is the full suite of services they offer, including instant cash, travel checks, and even worldwide instant money transfers. Remember, it's essential to compare rates before finalizing any exchange to ensure you're getting the best value for your money. Bear in mind also that smaller denominations are often exchanged at a slightly lower rate. In this city that never sleeps, options to exchange your currency are plenty. From the trusted banks and convenient currency exchange platforms right to the luxury of your hotel desk or the markets echoing with Dubai's life and culture, options are diverse. Choose wisely, and your money exchange in Dubai can be as rewarding as the city itself.