Where To Exchange Money In Bali

where to exchange money in bali


As the Guardian of money exchange, I welcome you to a world filled with rich insights. In this article, we will traverse the dynamic money exchange landscape of Bali, a dream destination for travelers worldwide. Understanding the best places, tips and tricks for currency exchange can ensure a seamless and enjoyable trip.

Money Changers

The most common option for tourists seeking to exchange their currency in Bali are money changers. These small, often family-owned businesses are scattered throughout the main tourist areas such as Kuta, Seminyak, and Ubud. The rates at these changers vary widely, and while they can offer some very competitive rates, it is always essential to count your money before leaving the counter and to avoid dodgy roadside booths which are known for short-changing tourists.


If you're more of a traditionalist and value security over everything else, banks are your best option for money exchange in Bali. Banks such as BCA, Mandiri, or BNI offer the safest money exchange service with fair rates, although not the highest. Exchanging money in banks also means you get a printed receipt, which can be very useful in case of any discrepancies.


Hotels in Bali offer the convenience of money exchange services on-site for their guests. They generally have safer transactions but fall short compared to banks and money changers when it comes to competitive rates. The exchange rates in hotels are typically lower, which makes this option less attractive unless you prioritize convenience over cost.


Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are readily available across the island of Bali. Using a foreign debit or credit card, you can withdraw Indonesian Rupiah directly. While convenient, beware that withdrawal fees can be steep and exchange rates may not be the most favorable. Also, there are cases of ATM fraud, therefore, only use ATMs located in well-lit, busy areas, or within a bank.

Online Money Transfer Services

With modern technology, online money transfers have become increasingly popular. Platforms like TransferWise, Western Union, or Revolut allow you to transfer your home currency into Rupiah and pick it up at different locations in Bali or have it deposited in a local bank account. However, it is important to check the exchange rates and fees of these platforms as they may vary.

Authorized Money Exchange Services

Authorized money exchange services are another safe and reliable option for currency conversion. PT Central Kuta is one such authorized service with many branches scattered across Bali. They offer competitive rates, and all transactions are performed in fully protected, transparent counters to ensure customer confidence.


Being prepared and knowing where to exchange your money in Bali can make your trip much more comfortable and stress-free. Weigh the pros and cons of each option and choose the one that matches your needs the best. Always keep receipts of your transactions and remain vigilant to protect yourself from scams or fraud. Remember, the sanctuary of a good trip is a secured and well-accommodated vacation budget. Enjoy the island's stunning landscapes, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife without any financial worries.