Where To Exchange Money In Casablanca

where to exchange money in casablanca


As the Guardian of money exchange, today, our journey takes us to Casablanca, an economic hub of Morocco. The vibrant city, renowned for its exquisite blend of traditional and modern influences, displays a similar charm in its money exchange sphere. Here, you will discover several options to exchange your money effectively and efficiently.

1. Banks

Banks are an immediately apparent option for money exchange in Casablanca. Their advantageous exchange rates and general sense of trustworthiness make them popular choices. Key players like Attijariwafa Bank and Banque Populaire give visitors a broad portfolio of services, including foreign exchange.

2. Licensed Exchange Bureaus

There are numerous licensed exchange bureaus sprinkled across the city. Located at strategic points like airports, hotels, and tourist hotspots, these outlets offer competitive rates and convenience. Currency exchange bureaus such as Eurochange and Change Express are reputable establishments in Casablanca.

3. Hotels

Hotels in Casablanca accommodate the needs of their international guests by offering currency exchange services. While these venues might not provide the best exchange rates in the city, they do offer unmatched convenience, especially for new arrivals.

4. Online Currency Exchange Platforms

As the world shifts to digital platforms, currency exchange services are not left behind. Online platforms offer you the benefits of cost-effectiveness, convenience, and time efficiency. They usually offer better exchange rates and low transaction fees. Platforms like Monito, TransferWise, and Revolut are popular choices.

5. ATM Withdrawals

Withdrawing money from ATMs has been a popular method of acquiring local currency for travelers worldwide. While they charge transaction fees and sometimes not the best exchange rates, the convenience they offer, especially for small amounts, cannot be beaten. Moroccan ATMs accept most international debit and credit cards.

6. Peer-to-Peer Exchange

A trend gaining traction in the money exchange sphere is peer-to-peer exchanges. Applications such as WeSwap allow individuals traveling in opposite directions to swap currencies directly, bypassing traditional exchange rates and fees.


Whether you seek the security and dependability of the banks, the unrivalled convenience of hotel-based foreign exchange, the better rates offered by online platforms or the innovative peer-to-peer exchanges, Casablanca has a wide range of options to suit every foreign exchange need. Remember to double-check exchange rates and commissions to ensure you are getting the best possible deal. Enjoy your time in Casablanca, assured that your monetary exchanges will be as seamless as possible.