Where To Exchange Money In Cancun Airport

where to exchange money in cancun airport

Where to Exchange Money in Cancun Airport: A Comprehensive Guide

As the Guardian of money exchange, I understand the ins and outs of currency exchange across the globe. Today, I will share my knowledge on where to exchange money in Cancun Airport. I will highlight the most convenient, secure, and economical options available.

Casa de Cambio at Cancun Airport

The most direct option for exchanging your money is at a Casa de Cambio, or currency exchange house, at the Cancun airport. They are conveniently located in all three terminals. These establishments typically accept a wide range of currencies, including US dollars, Canadian dollars, and euros among others. However, keep in mind that convenience often comes at a price. The exchange rates offered at these bureaus might not be the best when compared to other options discussed later in the article.

ATMs at Cancun Airport

The most favorable exchange rates can often be found at ATMs, and Cancun airport has several. Banks operate these machines and usually offer better exchange rates than Currency Exchange Houses. Using an ATM allows you to withdraw pesos directly. Before the trip, it would be beneficial to check if your bank charges overseas transaction fees. Caution is also recommended when using ATMs. Always use the ones located in busy, well-lit areas and be watchful of any suspicious activities.

Local Banks and Credit Unions

One often-overlooked option is to exchange your currency at a local bank or credit union in your hometown before you depart for Cancun. They can often provide competitive exchange rates and will save you the stress of needing to find a suitable exchange option upon arrival.

Money Changers in the City

Unless you need cash urgently at the airport, it's always best to exchange your money in Cancun city. Money changers in town often provide better rates than those at the airport. You can find several reputable money changers around the hotel zone and downtown Cancun. Cuidado! Always count your money before leaving the changer's counter and never accept offers from touts or unauthorized money changers.

Using Credit and Debit Cards

The world is increasingly moving towards cashless transactions, and Cancun is no exception. You might find that using your debit or credit cards can save you the stress of carrying around cash or fluctuating exchange rates. But do inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid triggering a fraud alert on your account while abroad. Remember to check whether your card provider charges foreign transaction fees, as these can add up.


Selecting the right option for currency exchange in Cancun Airport largely depends on your preferences for convenience, rate of exchange, and comfort with digital transactions. Keep in mind that failing to plan your exchange could mean less value for your money. Always remember, the key to wise money exchange is research, caution, and sometimes a bit of patience.