Where Can I Exchange Cans For Money

where can i exchange cans for money


Navigating the realm of money exchange can sometimes become a tedious and complex task. But when it comes to exchanging cans for money, it can be a satisfying endeavor, both financially and environmentally. Here are various options where you can yield a decent return for your cans:

Recycling Centers

Recycling centres are the most common places where individuals can exchange their cans for money. They accept all sorts of recyclable materials, including cans. Most recycling centres pay by weight, and you can find them in almost every city in Canada. By exchanging your cans at a recycling center, you’re not just getting money; you’re also participating in an eco-friendly initiative, contributing to a greener and cleaner environment.

Bottle Deposit Programs

Depending on which province you’re in, bottle deposit programs are another option to consider. Some provinces in Canada offer a beverage container refund system. For example, in Alberta, you receive a 10-cent deposit for cans and bottles that are 1 litre or less and 25 cents for containers over 1 litre. British Columbia also has a similar program. These schemes are hosted at container refund points or depots.

Scrapping Centers

Often, Scrapping centers or scrapyards will accept aluminum cans and bridges the connection for those who want to exchange cans for money. They usually pay higher than recycling centres as they are the middlemen between you and the aluminum plants where the cans get melted and repurposed.

Reverse Vending Machines

To make recycling cans easier, some regions have implemented reverse vending machines to consumers. These machines accept used beverage cans, offering payment per can. While they aren’t as prevalent in Canada as other countries, such facilities are slowly infiltrating markets, particularly in urban settings.

Local Supermarkets

In some cities, local supermarkets provide can recycling facilities where consumers can get a refund or a discount on their shopping. This trend has been slow to catch on, but you can occasionally find supermarkets offering this service.

Online Platforms

Don’t forget virtual mediums! You can also turn to online platforms like Craigslist, Kijiji or Facebook marketplace. These platforms are full of people looking for recyclable materials. Thus, it's not uncommon to find individuals willing to pick up your cans and pay you in exchange.


Before giving your cans away for free or simply tossing them in your trash, remember that they carry value. Whether you’re seeking to exchange cans for money for an extra buck, or you’re environmentally conscious and seeking to reduce your waste, there are options for everyone. Keep in mind that while the figures may seem small, they add up over time. Turning your cans into cash is a win-win for your wallet and our planet!