Where To Exchange Money Montreal

where to exchange money montreal

Exploring the Best Options for Money Exchange in Montreal


Montreal, one of Canada's most populous and international cities, has become a hub for global travellers, international students, and business personnel alike. With its increasing significance, understanding where to exchange money in Montreal safely, quickly, and at the most competitive rates has become paramount. This guide will explore the various options available, providing details to ensure you get the best value for your money.


Banks are one of the most traditional places to exchange currency in Montreal. They offer a secure and accessible way to exchange currencies. The five leading banks, namely Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), TD Canada Trust, Bank of Montreal (BMO), Scotiabank, and CIBC all offer currency exchange services. The exchange rates at banks are typically not as competitive as other options, but their reliability and network of branches make them a convenient choice.

Credit Unions

Credit Unions such as Desjardins offer another reliable option for currency exchange. As a member, you can benefit from competitive exchange rates. It's worth noting that, like banks, Credit Unions also charge a transaction fee, making it advisable to exchange larger amounts to offset these costs.

Exchange Bureaus

Located at various points in Montreal, currency exchange bureaus like Globex 2000, SuperRich, and ICE International Currency Exchange offer competitive rates. The main advantage of these bureaus is that they specialize in currency exchange and can offer better rates than traditional banks. Another advantage is the instant service they provide, enabling you to get your required currency immediately.

Hotel Exchange Services

Exchanging money at your hotel is very convenient but might not always offer the best rates. Hotels usually have slightly poorer rates due to additional middlemen. But for small amounts, they can be an excellent choice if you wish to avoid the hassle of finding an exchange bureau or bank.

Online Platforms

As the world embraces digital platforms, companies like KnightsbridgeFX and Wise (formerly TransferWise) offer online money exchange services. These platforms often offer the most competitive rates, charging minimal fees or even no fees in some cases. Money can be exchanged from the convenience of your home and then transferred directly to your bank account.

Airport Currency Exchange kiosks

Currency exchange kiosks at the Montreal-Trudeau Airport are convenient but can have higher service fees and less competitive exchange rates. They should only be used for emergencies or if you need cash immediately upon landing.

Using ATM Machines

ATMs in Montreal offer another means to obtain local currency. They use the international exchange rate, minus a possible fee charged by your home bank, making them a worthwhile consideration, especially if your bank has a partnership with a bank in Canada.


Understanding where to exchange money in Montreal opens you up to a gambit of options, each with its pros and cons. Choosing the right one depends on your needs, whether they be rates, convenience, security, or immediacy. Knowledge is power, and being well-informed of these options ensures your money retains the highest value possible in the global dance of currency exchange. Always remember the Guardian’s verdict: The best place to exchange money is not a specific location, but the one that offers you the best mix of safety, rates, and convenience. Safe travels and successful exchanges!