Where To Exchange Money In Bangkok

where to exchange money in bangkok


The bustling city of Bangkok, known for its vibrant street life and cultural landmarks, is also a hub for a myriad of money exchange options catering to locals and tourists. Being well-informed about the best places to exchange your money ensures that you get the most out of every dollar, pound, or yen.

1. Superrich Thailand

Superrich Thailand is one of the most reputable and popular currency exchange companies in Bangkok. Located in many convenient areas around Bangkok, including Silom, Sukhumvit, and Siam Square, Superrich offers competitive exchange rates that often beat those offered by local banks.

2. Vasu Exchange

Situated close to Nana BTS station, Vasu Exchange is another excellent option for currency exchange in Bangkok. Like Superrich, their exchange rates are competitive, and the service is fast and efficient.

3. Siam Exchange

Siam Exchange, located near Siam BTS station, offers great exchange rates and the advantage of being in the heart of the city. This makes it an ideal spot for tourists who are out sightseeing or shopping in the Siam area.

4. Super Rich 1965

Despite having a similar name to Superrich Thailand, Super Rich 1965 is an entirely different company. They offer a wide range of currencies and are known for their better rates compared to most banks.

5. K79 Exchange

K79 Exchange, located in Pratunam, is a reliable place for exchanging money in Bangkok. While they offer lower rates compared to other popular exchange places, they are conveniently located next to the Pratunam market, an iconic shopping spot in Bangkok.

6. Bangkok Bank

For those who prefer to exchange money at a bank, Bangkok Bank is your go-to choice. It has branches all around Bangkok, and while the exchange rates might not be as advantageous as independent exchanges, they offer a secure and reliable service.

7. Airport Exchange Counters

While not usually recommended due to less favorable exchange rates, airport exchange counters are convenient for those in immediate need of Thai Baht upon landing. However, it's advisable to exchange a small amount to cover initial expenses and then find better rates in the city.

8. Hotel Currency Exchange

Many hotels in Bangkok offer currency exchange services for the convenience of their guests. However, proceed with caution as the rates often tend to be less competitive than dedicated money changers or banks.


In a city as vibrant and diverse as Bangkok, finding a money exchange place that suits your needs isn't a daunting task. In order to get the best rates, taking a little time to research and compare the rates will do a world of good. And remember, always ask for a receipt when you exchange your money, no matter where you choose to do it.