Where To Exchange Money In Dominican Republic

where to exchange money in dominican republic

Where to Exchange Money in the Dominican Republic – A Detailed Guide

Currency exchange is a crucial aspect of overseas travel. When it comes to the Dominican Republic, you have multiple options to get your hands on the local currency, the Dominican Peso (DOP). Let’s explore the various places where you can exchange your money and what each of them entails.


Banks are usually a reliable and secure place to exchange money. In the Dominican Republic, you can find several central banks such as Banco Popular, Banco de Reservas, and Scotiabank. The rates offered by these banks are competitive, and they usually have numerous branches in popular towns and resort areas.

Airport Currency Exchange Bureaus

Upon landing at any international airport in the Dominican Republic, you'll notice currency exchange bureaus operating within the terminal. Although these offer the convenience of immediate exchange, be aware that the exchange rates might not be the most favorable. This option is best reserved for small amounts needed to cover immediate expenses such as a taxi fare to your hotel.


Many hotels in the Dominican Republic offer currency exchange services for their guests. Though you might appreciate the convenience, keep in mind that hotels usually have higher exchange rates compared to banks or official exchange offices. This service is best used for small transactions when other options are unavailable.

Exchange Offices (Casas de Cambio)

Casas de Cambio or exchange offices are quite popular in the Dominican Republic. They typically offer better rates than airports and hotels. Ensure that you're dealing with an official Casa de Cambio for safe and legal transactions. For large sums, this option is often recommended over banks because of their favourable exchange rates.


Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are an excellent option for travellers. They're widely available across the Dominican Republic, especially in larger cities and tourist areas. Make sure to inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid a temporary freeze on suspected unauthorized activity. Be cautious of the transaction fees, as these may vary from one bank to another.

Online Money Exchange Platforms

In the age of digitization, you can opt for online platforms like Wise (formerly TransferWise), Revolut, or Western Union to handle money exchanges. These platforms are known for their competitive rates. The key advantage of online exchange platforms is the luxury of transacting at your convenience and often avoiding physical cash handling.

Tips for Money Exchange in the Dominican Republic

While going through these exchange processes, remember to take extra precautions. Always maintain a record of your transactions and keep your receipts. Try not to exchange more than you need, as re-exchanging Dominican Pesos can lead to losses due to exchange rate fluctuations. Additionally, inform your home bank about your travel plans to ensure seamless card transactions and avoid penalties. Remember, as the guardian of money exchange, I suggest researching and understanding the market well before choosing an exchange facility. Monitor the rate fluctuations and compare fees from different institutions for the best deal. Happy exchanging and enjoy your visit to the beautiful Dominican Republic!