Where To Exchange Money In Kyoto

where to exchange money in kyoto

Guidelines for Exchanging Money in Kyoto: The Best Places to Get the Most for Your Currency

Whether you’re planning a trip to the magnificent temples of Kyoto or journeying to soak in its rich cultural ambiance, one essential item on your to-do list is to understand where and how to exchange your money. This comprehensive guide will lead you through the twisting streets of Kyoto to the best money exchange spots.

Hida Imai Currency Exchange

As a prominent exchange shop in Central Kyoto, Hida Imai provides competitive rates for most currencies, making it a preferred choice for exchange. Steps from the hustle-bustle of the Nishiki Market, it is a convenient stopover between your shopping spree and food tasting adventures.

Yodobashi Camera Store

This mega electronics store isn't just the go-to point for electronic shopping in Kyoto; they have a dedicated money exchange corner offering quite competitive rates. The forex counter, located at the electronics payment section, ensures you can shop and swap money all under one roof.

Local Japanese banks

Many tourists exchange currency at local banks, offering the guarantee of security. Notably, Mitsubishi UFJ, Sumimoto Mitsui, and Mizuho offer money exchange services. While the rates might not be as competitive as exclusive money exchange counters, they are reliable.

Japan Post Bank

Located within the postal office premises, the Japan Post bank is another safe place for exchanging money. The operation times coincide with the post office hours, making it a convenient option if you are mailing postcards or parcels back home.


Travelex is one global franchise with a presence in Kyoto. This bureau has a reputation for offering competitive rates. Though the service charge might be on the higher end, the security of transacting with a well-established bureau has its appeal.

Sakura Exchange

As a popular exchange spot in Kyoto, Sakura exchange tends to offer higher rates for more significant amounts. Return customers can avail themselves of even better rates. Ideally, you should visit with a particular amount in mind to negotiate a good deal.

ATMs at FamilyMart and 7-Eleven stores

You’ll find 7-Eleven and FamilyMart stores peppered across Kyoto. These convenience stores house international ATMs, allowing withdrawals in yen. While the exchange rate depends on your home bank, this method is convenient for last-minute cash needs.

Online Forex Platforms

The digital revolution hasn't spared the realm of forex. There are many trustworthy digital platforms where you can pre-purchase Japanese yen at competitive rates. Wise (formerly TransferWise), Revolut, and Monzo allow you to pre-load money and withdraw it in yen once you’re in Japan.

Airport Currency Exchange Counters

Kansai International Airport and Itami Airport in Osaka offer currency exchange counters for air travelers. Though the rates aren't the best, they serve as practical options when you need yen immediately after landing. Remember to compare rates and check for hidden charges before choosing a money exchange option. These financial sanctuaries will ensure you get the most value for your currency, securing a seamless journey through the charming Kyoto landscape.