Where To Exchange Money In Lima

where to exchange money in lima

Exploring the Best Places to Exchange Money in Lima


The vibrant city of Lima, the capital of Peru, is a sprawling metropolis teeming with rich history, breathtaking architecture, exquisite cuisine, and of course, bustling currency exchange venues. Whether you're a traveler needing to get Peruvian Sol (PEN), or a local seeking foreign currencies, understanding the best places to exchange your money is paramount. This guide explores various options available in Lima and offers astute tips to ensure your currency exchange process is smooth, safe, and fruitful.

The Banco de la Nacion

Banco de la Nacion is the state-run bank and one of the most reliable places to exchange currency in Lima. Located in Jorge Chavez International Airport and throughout the city, it provides competitive exchange rates, especially for USD to PEN. Bear in mind, their hours might not be as flexible as other private exchangers.

Casa de Cambio

In Lima, you'll find numerous 'casas de cambio' or money exchange houses, particularly in Miraflores and other tourist-heavy districts. These venues are accredited, reliable, and often offer decent exchange rates. Casa de Cambio's such as Interbank or BCP are easily accessible and provide a range of currencies. However, it is recommended to compare rates between different casas de cambio to get the best deal.

Local Banks

Well-established banks such as BBVA, Scotiabank, and BCP also offer currency exchange services. While not always providing the best rates, these institutions assure a safe and formal environment to exchange your money. Some banks may require you to hold an account for transactions, thus, it is wise to inquire beforehand.

Street Money Changers

Street money changers, called 'cambistas', are an integral part of Lima's unique cultural landscape. Easily identified by their distinctive vests, they are often found in major squares and tourist areas around the city. While rates can be negotiated for larger amounts, it is important to count your money diligently and be cautious of counterfeit notes.

ATM Withdrawals

ATM machines dotted across Lima offer a convenient way to withdraw local currency. Be sure to inform your home bank about your travel plans to avoid anti-fraud measures freezing your account. Keep an eye on the fees attached to foreign withdrawals and try to use secure, bank-affiliated ATMs where possible.

Online Exchange Platforms

Modern technology expands your currency exchange options with various online platforms. These can be especially useful to compare live exchange rates and even secure a transaction online, picking up your money when convenient. Platforms like XE or Transferwise provide reliable and transparent online exchange services.


Navigating the world of currency exchange in Lima can seem daunting, but with this guide's help, you are well-equipped to get the best bang for your buck. Regardless of your choice, remember to check current exchange rates, count your money thoroughly, and prioritize safety over convenience. By doing so, you can focus on enjoying the immersive experience that Lima has to offer.