Where To Exchange Mozambique Money In South Africa

where to exchange mozambique money in south africa

Exchanging Mozambique Money in South Africa: The Best Places and Options

Exchange rates constantly shift, and for those handling currencies like the Mozambique Metical against the South African Rand, knowing where to get the best rates is crucial. This article covers the best options for exchanging Mozambique's metical in South Africa.

Rennies Foreign Exchange

Let's start with Rennies Foreign Exchange, a reputable organization authorized by the South African Reserve Bank to provide foreign exchange services. Rennies offers competitive rates for the Mozambican metical and hosts a team of specialist foreign exchange consultants to help with any exchange needs. Their services are not restricted to in-person transactions as they also offer phone and online trading.

Standard Bank Bureau De Change

Standard Bank Bureau De Change, as part of one of South Africa's big four banks, provides secure Forex services across multiple locations in the country. They offer competitive exchange rates and the ability to make immediate cash exchanges, cash withdrawals, or prepaid travel card top-ups for the Mozambique Metical.

Currency and Coin Exchanges

Independent currency and coin exchanges offer more competitive rates than banks, and unlike banks, they specialize specifically in foreign exchange. Entities like Forex World, Inter Africa Bureau De Change and Forex People offer services ranging from immediate cash exchange to future dated transactions.

American Express Foreign Exchange Services

American Express, a global financial powerhouse, provides foreign exchange services for those looking to convert their Mozambique Meticals to South African Rands. Their reputation for security and reliability is bolstered by competitive currency exchange rates and world-class customer service.

Travelex Africa Foreign Exchange

Operating numerous branches across South Africa, Travelex Africa Foreign Exchange offers several services, particularly cash passport cards that can be conveniently loaded with Mozambique Meticals. Offering competitive rates, their user-friendly system and efficient staff will make your currency exchange headache-free.

Online Currency Exchange Platforms

For those who prefer doing their transactions online, there are diverse options as well. Platforms such as Wise (formerly TransferWise), PayPal, Revolut and CurrencyFair offer currency exchange services with minor fees and real-time exchange rates. Utilizing these platforms provides the ability to transact from the comfort of your living space.

Precautions When Exchanging Currency

While exchanging currency, bear in mind the following tips: - Try to avoid changing your currency at the airport where rates are generally unfavorable. - Always compare rates from different exchange bureaus. - Check for any hidden charges before confirming a transaction. - As rates fluctuate often, consider using online trading platforms that let you lock in a rate.


Whether it’s through banking institutions, independent currency exchanges or online platforms, there are numerous avenues to exchange Mozambique Meticals in South Africa. Always consider the security, convenience, and competitiveness of the rate each service offers. Making an informed decision will help you get the most value for your currency exchange.