Where Do I Exchange Money

where do i exchange money


There are many places where you can exchange money, each with various benefits and drawbacks regarding convenience, exchange rate and service fees. Here, we present an array of options that will help you make the most informed decision.


Banks are the most common places to exchange your money. In Canada, some of the major banks that offer currency exchange services are RBC, Scotia Bank, TD Bank and BMO. The convenience factor stems from the fact that many people already have accounts with these banks. Additionally, the exchange rates from banks are often better than those from airport kiosks or hotels. However, keep in mind that most banks carry a service fee for the currency exchange process, so the overall cost might be higher.

Online Exchange platforms

The digital revolution has hit the currency exchange market too, giving rise to online exchange platforms. Companies like KnightsbridgeFX, XE and OFX have disrupted the traditional banking systems and brought the functionality online. These platforms generally offer competitive rates and lower fees since they have lower overhead costs - to note, these are ones you should research before committing, as they can be relatively new players in the sector.

Currency Exchange Bureaus

Another option is Currency Exchange Bureaus or foreign exchange brokers. Such businesses specialize in exchanging currencies, and because of this, they can occasionally offer better exchange rates than banking institutions. Travelex, Interchange and ICE Currency Services are just a few to consider. Again, always keep an eye out for hidden fees here as well.

Peer to Peer Exchange

Peer to Peer (P2P) is a newer method where people can exchange currency with one another. Apps such as CurrencyFair and TransferWise, now Wise, can facilitate P2P exchanges. Although the P2P market is not nearly as significant as banks or online platforms, they are growing steadily.

Prepaid Currency Cards

Prepaid currency cards are similar to debit cards where you pre-load a specific amount of money in the currency of your choice. Companies like Caxton, Revolut, and WeSwap offer prepaid currency card services. This option is beneficial for those who want to hold money in a different currency without having a bank account in that currency.

Airports and Hotels

Convenience makes airports and hotels popular places to exchange money, especially for travelers. However, convenience often comes at a cost. The exchange rates at airports and hotels are typically not as competitive as other options on this list. Therefore, it may be best to use these locations as a last resort or to exchange small amounts of money.


Finding the best place to exchange money can depend vastly on convenience, exchange rates, and associated fees. Each option listed here has its advantages/disadvantages – those who prioritize convenience might opt for Banks or Airports, while others seeking better rates can look towards Online Platforms or Exchange Bureaus. Like any financial decision, it's advisable to research thoroughly before making any commitment. Comparing exchange rates and reading reviews can go a long way in ensuring you get the most for your money.