Where To Exchange Money In South Korea

where to exchange money in south korea

Where to Exchange Money in South Korea - An Informative Guide

In an age of digital globalization, managing currency exchange while traveling has become straightforward. However, considering the service charges and fluctuating rates, a comprehensive guide might come handy. Let's dive deep into how you can exchange your money effectively in South Korea.


Banks are arguably the most secure and common places to exchange money in South Korea. They are ubiquitous and offer reasonable rates. In Seoul, for example, the major banks are KEB Hana Bank, Woori Bank, and Shinhan Bank that facilitate foreign exchange. The convenience of banks also comes with a caveat. The bureaucratic red tape may be overwhelming and the hours of operation may not be as convenient for tourists. It is essential to have your passport handy for identification.

Currency Exchange Bureaus

Currency exchange bureaus are more accessible compared to banks, primarily located in popular areas, airports, and shopping centers. Yes, they charge a bit more service fee but provide the relief of exchanging money outside of banking hours. One of the popular money changers is "Golden Boat Ticket Exchange," famously known for its reasonable rates. However, it is always suggested to compare rates with other bureaus before exchanging.


ATMs in South Korea are not just for withdrawing Won (local currency); you can also exchange your foreign currency. They tend to offer competitive rates and are available 24/7. Most of the Korean ATMs accept international cards. For travelers, Global ATMs are recommended, which are available at convenience stores like "7-eleven", airports, and subway stations. These ATMs have an English user interface too.

Online Money Exchange

In the realm of the digital revolution, online money exchange platforms have emerged as a practical and convenient option. Services like "CurrencyFair," "TransferWise" and "Revolut" are some of the international platforms that offer online money transfer. These platforms facilitate exchanging your home currency for the Korean Won and then transferring it to a South Korean bank account. They usually offer competitive rates and allow users to transfer money quickly and securely.

Using Credit Cards

Credit Cards are a commonly accepted form of payment in South Korea and can save you from carrying cash around. However, foreign cards may be subject to fees, so it's important to call your card issuer for information on international charges. One should also notify the card issuer about the travel plan to avoid your card being blocked for suspicious foreign transactions.

Traveler's Cheques

Though not as popular as they used to be, Traveller's Cheques are still accepted in South Korea. The Cheques offer security as they can be replaced if lost or stolen. The challenge is that they are not as readily accepted in remote areas and smaller establishments. To conclude, South Korea offers diverse options when it comes to exchanging money. What matters is how you balance the convenience, exchange rate, and service fee. And more importantly, remember that having cash (Won) on hand is still crucial in some places in South Korea.