Where To Exchange Money In Geneva

where to exchange money in geneva

Where to Exchange Money in Geneva: A Comprehensive Guide


As the Guardian of money exchange, I understand the nuances that can make your currency conversion experience in Geneva both a breeze and benison. Geneva, a bustling city that is a significant player in the global economy, has several options for currency exchange, each unique in its way.


Banks in Geneva are known for providing secure and reliable currency exchange services. The exchange rates offered by banks are often competitive. After visiting different banks, you'll come to understand that their rates are based on the daily foreign currency market fluctuations, allowing you an up-to-date perspective.

Exchange Bureaus

Exchange bureaus are convenient and can be found all over Geneva. They usually provide a quick exchange service. It’s essential to examine the exchange rate offered carefully; it may come with a higher fee compared to banks. Examples include Western Union and Moneygram.


ATMs or Automated Teller Machines offer another way to exchange your money in Geneva. You can simply use your credit or debit card and get Swiss Francs. Be aware of the foreign transaction fees that your bank might apply.

Online Currency Exchange Platforms

These platforms have become increasingly popular because of their ease of use and often offer the best rates. You need to create an account, provide details, and transfer funds. Companies like Wise (formerly TransferWise) or Revolut are excellent examples of online currency exchange platforms.

Airport Currency Exchange Counters

Currency exchange counters at Geneva Airport can be a godsend if you need cash right away. Be mindful as these counters often have higher fees and less favorable exchange rates than banks and online platforms.

SBB Change

SBB Change service at railway stations offers currency exchange services, making it convenient for tourists traveling by train.

Hotel Currency Exchange Service

Some hotels in Geneva offer currency exchange services to their guests. While convenient, the rates may not be as competitive as what banks or reputable online platforms can provide.


PostFinance, associated with the Swiss Post, offers a currency exchange service. You can find posts in almost every corner of the city, making it another convenient option.


There are various places to exchange currency in Geneva, each with its benefits and disadvantages. It's essential to check and compare rates to get the best deal. And remember, while convenience and instant accessibility are key, these factors often come at a higher cost. For the best deals, plan ahead and consider using a combination of these methods, based on your exact requirements and the opportunities available.