How To Exchange Sweatcoins For Money

how to exchange sweatcoins for money


Sweatcoin is an intriguing new digital currency that rewards users for physical activity. Accumulated through steps or movement, it offers a unique way to motivate health while potentially gaining financial benefits. This article aims to guide you on how to secure real money in exchange for your sweatcoins. Let's delve into the world of this innovative currency.

How Sweatcoin Works

Sweatcoin links to your phone's pedometer and GPS, tracking your movement and translating it into sweatcoins. For every 1,000 steps, you earn 0.95 sweatcoins. The app operates on a freemium model. As a free user, you can earn a maximum of 5 sweatcoins per day or 150 sweatcoins per month. However, with a premium subscription, you can earn more.

Can Sweatcoin Be Converted to Real Money?

Directly, Sweatcoin does not convert to cash. You can’t transfer your balance to a bank or PayPal account, but it has an alternative value system. Sweatcoin marketplace offers goods, services, and experiences in exchange for sweatcoins. These rewards range from fitness equipment, gift cards, digital downloads, and even high-end tech gadgets.

Trade Sweatcoins in Peer-to-Peer Marketplaces

Social media platforms and online forums are home to many Sweatcoin traders. Websites like Reddit and Facebook have groups where users buy, sell, and trade Sweatcoins. Prices fluctuate based on the demand and supply, but it's a viable way of monetizing your activity. Be wary of scams, always do safe transactions and ensure to consider community reputation and reviews.

Use Online Marketplaces

Certain online marketplaces accept sweatcoins as a form of currency. eBay is one such platform. Users sell their sweatcoins to the highest bidder. However, it's vital to be aware of eBay's terms and conditions, as not all digital goods transactions are permitted.

Sell Sweatcoin to App Development Companies

Some companies buy sweatcoins to increase their network on the app and use them for marketing. It’s a lesser-known option, and you are likely to get less than a dollar for one sweatcoin, but you can sell in bulk.

Seek Donation

Another way to exchange sweatcoins for real currency indirectly is through charity. Some charitable NGOs accept sweatcoins, providing admissible tax receipts in exchange. It's a rewarding way of monetizing your sweatcoins while contributing toward a greater cause.

Take Advantage of Monthly Reward Pools

Digging a little further into the Sweatcoin app, there's a section featuring a monthly pool diverting sweatcoins to currency. These prizes are equivalent to sweepstakes and not everyone can win. However, joining this might give you a chance to make some cash in exchange for your sweatcoins.

Enter Sweatcoin Challenges

Sweatcoin often launches promotional challenges where you can win rewards ranging from merchandise to cash rewards. It's worth partaking in these events for a chance to win some real money.


Certainly, there's a unique charm of being able to convert physical activity into potential wealth through Sweatcoin. Though it may not provide a significant stream of income, it does yield some exciting rewards. With the correct strategic path, you can exchange sweatcoins for money or other lucrative rewards. A balanced approach of using this digital currency creatively could feasibly improve both your health and wealth.