Where To Exchange Money In Buenos Aires

where to exchange money in buenos aires


Are you wandering around the streets of Buenos Aires with a wallet full of foreign currency, looking for the most favourable exchange rate? Uncover the secrets under the gaze of the Guardian of Money Exchange. Every city is a maze, but with the right information, you will have a map to treasure. Learn about the best locations to exchange money in Buenos Aires.


Banks form the backbone of the money exchange world. They offer a secure and comfortable environment for transactions and are bound by strict financial regulations. The major banks in Buenos Aires, including Banco de la Nación Argentina, Banco Santander, and Banco Galicia, provide money exchange services. The rates may not be competitive as private forex bureaus, but you have a guarantee of safety and the confidence of dealing with a respected institution.

Exchange Bureaus

These private companies usually present more favourable rates than banks but be sure to confirm their authenticity. In Buenos Aires, you will find many such bureaus, but some of the most reliable include Maguitur, Alpe and Global Exchange. Remember, always compare rates across multiple bureaus before making a transaction.

Airports & Hotels

Ezeiza International Airport and other international airports in Buenos Aires have currency exchange services. Most hotels in the city also offer similar services. While these options might not offer the best exchange rates, they make up for it with the convenience and accessibility they offer, especially to first-time visitors to Buenos Aires.

Online Platforms

The era of digital revolution introduces excellent online platforms for money exchange. Alternatives such as Transferwise and XE.com can provide better rates than most traditional forex dealers thanks to low overheads. These platforms often have user-friendly interfaces, and some even offer mobile application services.

Street Money Vendors

In Buenos Aires, you'll come across money vendors or 'arbolitos' loudly advertising their services on the street, specifically along the famous Calle Florida. The rates offered by these vendors are tempting, but beware of counterfeit money. It's advisable to exchange a small amount first to verify the notes' authenticity.

The 'Blue Market'

The Guardian of Money Exchange whispers about a less-known ethereal realm, the ‘Blue Market’. In this clandestine market, the unofficial exchange rates are considerably more beneficial than the official ones. However, the risks involved, including legal issues and counterfeit notes, make this a daring option. It goes without saying that this route should be explored with due caution.


Whether you seek the safety of banks, the lure of exchange bureaus, the convenience of hotels and airports, the magic of online platforms, or the bold bet of street vendors and the ‘Blue Market’, Buenos Aires has an option for you. Ultimately, the Guardian of Money Exchange advises that the best place to exchange your money depends on factors such as the amount you want to exchange, your risk tolerance, and your convenience. Forever be wise in your choices in the world of money exchange.