Where Can I Exchange Clothes For Money

where can i exchange clothes for money


In the fluctuating economy, saving money has become essential. One of the ways to leverage savings is by participating in clothes exchanges. This practice not only encourages sustainable habits by reducing waste, but it also helps you to acquire new clothes, often designer ones, without breaking the bank. Here are places where you can exchange clothes for money.

Physical Thrift Stores

Thrift stores that buy and sell secondhand clothes are a viable option. Stores like Buffalo Exchange, Plato's Closet, and Crossroads Trading pay you upfront for quality clothing pieces. These stores have knowledgeable staff who inspect the items for any damage, the trendiness of the style, the demand for the brand, and then establish a price based on these factors.

Consignment Shops

A more traditional place to sell and exchange clothes is at a consignment shop. Stores such as The RealReal and Clothes Mentor will display your clothes for you, taking a percentage once your clothes sell. This route typically takes a bit longer but often garners more return in terms of money than upfront buy-and-sell stores.

Online Marketplaces

Online platforms that host a marketplace for used clothes have seen significant growth over the years. Websites and apps like eBay, Poshmark, and Depop allow you to upload photos of your clothes, set your prices, and handle shipping. Just create an account, list your clothing, and wait for a buyer.

E-commerce Consignment Shops

Online consignment shops like ThredUp and Swap.com work similarly to traditional consignment shops, but with the added benefit of reaching a broader audience. You would send in your clothes, they inspect and price them, then list them online. Once your apparel sells, they take a portion of the profit.

Social Media Selling Platforms

Take advantage of the popularity of social media selling platforms. Tools like Facebook Marketplace, Instagram's shoppable posts, and even traditionally non-sales platforms like TikTok are becoming viable online clothing resale options.

Garage Sales

Often overlooked, garage sales are still a great way to exchange clothes for money. It may not bring in a large amount, but this method is perfect for those wanting to declutter quickly. Hosting a yard sale removes the need for shipping and cuts out any middleman.

Platforms Specializing in Luxury and Designer Wear

Platforms such as Vestiaire Collective and The Luxury Closet, focus exclusively on high-end, designer items. If you own a wardrobe full of luxury brands and high-fashion pieces, these platforms may offer higher returns for your clothing.

Swap Parties

Swap parties are a fun and unique way to exchange your used clothes for cash or trade with others. Organize a swap party where everyone brings their unneeded pieces and then swap amongst each other. Whatever is left over can be donated to charity.


Exchanging clothes for money is an effective way to clean out your closet, make some extra cash, and contribute towards a sustainable culture. Explore these options, and you might find an economical wardrobe refresh waiting for you.