How Much Money Should I Exchange For Mexico

how much money should i exchange for mexico


One of the foremost considerations when planning a trip to Mexico is how much money you might need to exchange beforehand. This largely depends on your planned activities, stay duration, and spending habits. However, having a general estimate can be helpful, ensuring financial security while allowing for spontaneous adventure.

Understanding Exchange Rates

The first step in determining how much money to exchange is understanding the exchange rate between your home currency (say Canadian Dollar) and Mexican Peso. The exchange rate reflects the relative value of the two currencies and fluctuates due to factors like economic performance, inflation rates, and geopolitical events.

The Role of Inflation

Inflation can significantly impact how much your money is worth in a foreign country. A high inflation rate in Mexico, for instance, may mean that you will need more money to purchase the same goods and services than you would have needed in a lower inflation scenario.

Track the Exchange Rates

Keep track of the exchange rates ahead of your trip. Using online tools or financial apps can help. It's favorable to exchange your money when your currency is strong against the Mexican Peso.

Accommodation Costs

Your accommodation style can greatly affect how much money to exchange. For instance, average daily rates for all-inclusive resorts can be around $150 CAD, while budget hotels might charge $30 CAD. Multiply these rates by your stay duration to calculate your total accommodation expense.

Food and Entertainment

Average meal costs in Mexico can range between $5 CAD to $20 CAD depending on where and what you're eating. Additionally, entertainment activities like visiting museums, archeological sites, or enjoying Mexico's nightlife may cost anywhere between $10 CAD to $70 CAD per activity.


Public transport in Mexico is cheap averaging about $1 CAD per ride. However, if you're planning to use taxis or rent a car, you might need $15-$60 CAD per day.

Shopping and Souvenirs

If you plan to shop, a broad estimate would be about $10-$50 CAD per day, depending on your buying habits.

Emergencies and Unexpected Costs

Setting aside a portion of your budget for emergencies or unforeseen circumstances is essential. An approximate 10-15% of your total estimated budget should cover this.


Averaging the above costs, a safe estimate might be around $100-$200 CAD per day, exclusive of flights. However, consider your unique spending habits and always round up your estimations. Furthermore, it's wise to have backup financial resources, such as credit cards, in case you exceed your budget or face an emergency.

Additional Tips

1. Exchange a small amount of money before you leave for immediate needs upon arrival-such as transport from the airport. 2. Use ATMs in Mexico for more cash, but be aware of transaction fees. 3. Use credit cards for larger purchases or expensive activities. Just make sure to notify your bank of your travel plans to avoid card suspension for suspected fraudulent activity. Plan wisely, spend carefully, and enjoy the rich experiences that Mexico has to offer!


Remember, exchange rates fluctuate, and costs can vary widely depending on location and service provider in Mexico. This is a general estimate and may not reflect your personal expenses accurately. Always do your research and plan your budget carefully.