Where To Exchange Money In Tbilisi

where to exchange money in tbilisi


Traveling to Tbilisi, the beautiful capital of Georgia, brings thrills and charms, but deciding where to exchange your money can be a puzzle. The Georgian currency is called Lari, and it’s crucial to have it in your pocket as credit cards aren't widely accepted everywhere. This article serves as your guide on the best places to exchange your money in Tbilisi.


In Georgia, the banking system is dependable and professional. Many banks located in Tbilisi offer currency exchanging services. Banks like TBC Bank, Bank of Georgia, and Liberty Bank are some of the reputable institutions where you can transact. The exchange rates are competitive but you may need to factor in service charges. One downside to using a bank is their operating hours. Banks are usually open Monday to Friday, with shorter hours on Saturdays.

Exchange Bureaus

Currency exchange bureaus are scattered all across Tbilisi. They are known to have marginally better rates than the banks and the added advantage is their operating hours. Some exchange bureaus operate on weekends too, making it convenient for travelers who arrive during these times. However, be cautious and ensure the bureau is legitimate to avoid scams or counterfeit notes.


ATMs can be found all over Tbilisi. They provide the convenience of withdrawing cash 24/7. Most ATMs allow international bank cards, and they dispense Lari directly, so you won't need to go into a bank or bureau to exchange your money. Take note of two costs when using ATMs, the Georgian bank’s ATM charges and your own bank’s foreign withdrawal fees.

Online Exchange Platforms

Modern technology has brought currency exchange to the tips of our fingers. Online platforms like Wise (formerly TransferWise), and Revolut make it easy to exchange money from your home currency to Georgian Lari. These platforms boast minimal fees and the best exchange rates. However, make sure you set this up before traveling, as it may take time for the setup and money transfer.


Many hotels in Tbilisi also offer money exchange services for their guests. While this might seem like a convenient option, it is generally recommended to use it as a last resort. The exchange rates are often less favorable compared to banks, ATMs, or bureaus, and the service charges can be quite high.


Where you decide to exchange your money will depend on balancing convenience and ensuring you get a good exchange rate. Wherever you choose, remember to always check the current exchange rate and service charges. With the right knowledge, you can make sure your money goes further in Tbilisi, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty this Georgian city has to offer.