How To Exchange Money In Mexico

how to exchange money in mexico

The Art of Exchanging Money in Mexico: The Ultimate Guide


Designed to provide insights into the world of trading and currency exchange, this article aims to unlock the mysteries of money exchange in Mexico. From recognizing the right time to exchange currency to navigating the intricacies of foreign exchange services, let's upskill for your forthcoming journey to picturesque Mexico.

Understanding the Basics

Before diving into the mechanisms of exchanging money, understanding the basics, like the currency used (Mexican Peso, MXN) and its current exchange rate, is crucial. Reassure yourself with recent exchange rates from the Canadian dollar to the Mexican Peso to make well-informed monetary decisions, keeping in mind that rates constantly fluctuate.

Changing Money Before You Travel

One way to tackle money exchange is to obtain Mexican Pesos before leaving your home country. Your local bank in Canada or a currency exchange bureau (like Calforex or KnightsbridgeFX) might offer good exchange rates with less inconvenience. But be aware! High commission fees may be charged as operational costs.

ATMs in Mexico

Modern technological conveniences like ATMs provide travelers access to local currency on foreign soil. Known to provide fair market rates, ATMs charge a transaction fee; however, this is often counterbalanced by a relatively favourable exchange rate. It’s essential to inform your bank about your travel plans to avoid your card being flagged for unusual activity.

Exchanging Currency in Mexican Banks

Much like banks in Canada, banks in Mexico provide money exchange services. It may be convenient, but the exchange rates offered may not be the most competitive. Also, keep in mind that most Mexican banks require legal identification like a passport for money exchange.

Money Exchange Bureaus in Mexico

Money exchange bureaus or 'casas de cambio' are another viable choice when in Mexico. They offer competitive exchange rates, are frequently located near tourist hotspots but may charge higher transaction fees. Some popular ones include Monex, CI Banco, and BX+.

Using Credit Cards in Mexico

Credit cards offer the utmost convenience with almost instantaneous conversion rates but are usually associated with foreign transaction fees. Depending on your bank, this could range from 1% to 3%. To avoid surprises, be sure to check your bank's currency conversion policy before travel.

Online Money Transfer Services

Alternatively, opt for online money transfer services like TransferWise or PayPal. These platforms offer a modern, easy, and fast mechanism for exchanging currency, often boasting lower conversion margins and transaction fees. Also, they offer the flexibility to lock in favourable rates and transfer when needed.

Things to Remember

While choosing the desired mode of money exchange, take into account the security, ease, exchange rate, and transaction fees. Also, it's wise to split your money across different platforms to mitigate the risks of pickpocketing or rate volatility.


Money exchange in Mexico doesn't have to be a daunting task. Armed with the right knowledge, it becomes an art, enhancing your journey's seamlessness. Savour the rich flavours of Mexico, knowing that your monetary needs are well catered to. Stay informed, stay inventive, and let the colourful monetary dance in Mexico embolden your travel experience!