Where Can I Exchange Canadian Money

where can i exchange canadian money


Exchange involves the process of shifting from one currency to another for various purposes such as travel, business transactions, or investments. Canada, with its robust economy and flourishing trade relations, needs frequent money exchanges. If you are looking for the best places to exchange Canadian money, this guide is for you.


Banks remain one of the most reliable and secure places to exchange money in Canada. Major banks like the Royal Bank of Canada, TD Bank, Scotiabank, and the Bank of Montreal, offer competitive exchange rates and have several branches across the country. These banks allow exchange for a wide range of foreign currencies into Canadian dollars and vice versa.

Online Platforms

With technology revolutionizing financial transactions, online platforms represent convenient alternatives for money exchange. Websites such as CurrencyFair, OFX, and TransferWise offer competitive exchange rates and low fees. They also provide the comfort of completing transactions from anywhere, even while on the go.

Foreign Exchange Bureaus

There are numerous foreign exchange bureaus in Canada that specialize in money exchange services. Companies like Calforex and KnightsbridgeFX are known for their favourable exchange rates. These bureaus have affiliates in major cities and can provide an extensive array of foreign currencies.


Currency exchange kiosks can be found at most Canadian airports. These allow travellers to convert their cash as soon as they land. While convenient, these kiosks tend to have higher fees and less favourable exchange rates compared to other options.


Using ATMs for currency exchange is another option that offers convenience. Most Canadian banks have ATMs that dispense foreign currencies. However, keep in mind that these transactions may involve extra fees, particularly if you use an ATM belonging to a different banking network.

Mobile Apps

Advancements in digital technology have led to the introduction of mobile apps that enable currency exchange. Apps like Revolut, Weswap, and Monzo provide users with the ability to exchange currencies at interbank rates. Also, these apps often have features that track spending and send real-time notifications about transactions.

Post Offices

In certain rural areas of Canada, post offices also offer money exchange services. While they might not provide as many currency options as other outlets, they can be quite a convenient option, especially in locations where other services are scarce.


Exchanging Canadian money has never been more accessible, thanks to the numerous options available. Whether you prefer the traditional route of banks or the modern convenience of online platforms and mobile apps, understanding your needs and the associated costs will ensure you get the most for your money. Remember, rates can fluctuate often, so it's wise to keep track of their movement before any sizeable currency exchange.