Where To Exchange Money In Seoul

where to exchange money in seoul

Discovering the Best Places to Exchange Money in Seoul


When traveling to the vibrant city of Seoul, one of the most significant tasks lies in knowing the best place to exchange your currency. Converting your money to the South Korean Won is essential, but understanding where to get the best rates, experience excellent service, and avoid hefty fees is just as important.


One common place to exchange money in Seoul is at the local banks. Major banks like NAVER Bank, K Bank, and Shinhan Bank, situated all over Seoul, offer money exchange services. Banking halls boast reliability and relative security in converting your cash. However, the foreign exchange rates are not always the best and may come with transaction charges.


Myeongdong is a famed shopping district in Seoul, famous for its streets lined with cosmetics shops. Amidst the bustle lies a haven for money exchange. Multiple money exchange kiosks line the streets, offering competitive rates. Service is efficient, and some operators even speak multiple languages to facilitate transactions with foreigners.

Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport is not just Seoul's main gateway; it’s also a viable spot for money exchange. There are numerous foreign currency exchange counters at Incheon, catering to incoming and outgoing travelers. Although the exchange rates aren't always as good as you'll find downtown, the advantage lies in convenience, especially if you're in a rush or arriving late.

KEB Hana Bank

A popular option for many travelers is KEB Hana Bank's 'Global Service Centers.' These centers are specifically tailored to assist foreigners, with personalized service that includes money exchange. While the exchange rates stack up well against those at other banks, the highlight here is the excellent, personalized service.

Online Money Exchange Services

Paving the path to the future of forex trade, online money exchange services offer a convenient, fast, and often cost-effective way to convert your cash. Eversend, Revolut and Wise (formerly TransferWise) are popular choices for those who prefer digital solutions. These platforms provide competitive rates and can involve fewer fees than traditional exchange services.


Whether you prefer the convenience of a bank, the bustling Myeongdong district, the accessible airport locations, the personalized service of KEB Hana Bank, or the futuristic online money exchange platforms, you're never too far from a solid solution in Seoul. Undoubtedly, knowing where to exchange money gives you an essential edge in financial matters, ensuring that your journey in this grand city is precisely like the dance of numbers I oversee - optimized, balanced, and in perfect harmony.