Where To Exchange Money In Greece

where to exchange money in greece


The grandeur of ancient ruins, the enchanting allure of paradise islands, and the contagious passion for life that Greeks are known for – all make Greece a popular destination for travelers all over the globe. However, with a trip to Greece comes the necessity to exchange your home currency into the local one - the Euro. This article aims to bring clarity, offering advice on where to exchange your money in Greece safely and efficiently.


In Greece, banks are a common place for tourists to exchange currency. With presence in all major cities, you stand a high chance of finding a bank nearby wherever you might be. Banks typically offer competitive exchange rates compared to other foreign currency exchange options, and the transaction fees are mostly nominal or none. Greek banks such as The National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, Piraeus Bank are known for their reliable and trustworthy services.


ATMs are readily accessible in Greece across cities, towns, and islands. They offer round the clock and highly convenient access to money. ATMs will automatically convert your home currency to euros, offering competitive exchange rates generally linked to interbank rates. Do note, however, that your bank might charge you international withdrawal fees or foreign transaction fees on top of the conversion.

Forex Bureaus

In Greece, you will find a good number of forex bureaus, especially in the city centres and other tourist hotspots. They provide quick and easy currency exchange services. Bearing names like 'Eurochange' or 'Change,’ these bureaus are usually open beyond traditional banking hours, allowing for convenient access to currency exchange services. However, it’s crucial to compare their rates with banks and ATMs, as they might charge higher fees or offer less favourable exchange rates.

Post Offices

Certain Hellenic post offices in Greece offer currency exchange services. Their rates are generally decent and the service fee is usually quite reasonable. They serve as a viable option for tourists who can’t readily find a bank or forex bureau nearby.

Online Exchange Platforms

A steadily burgeoning trend is the use of online exchange platforms such as Wise (formerly TransferWise), Revolut, and others. These platforms provide easy, secure, and quick currency exchange services at competitive rates. You can exchange money from the comfort of your own home before your trip, or use the associated cards abroad to withdraw cash from ATMs or make digital payments.


The right place to exchange your currency in Greece ultimately depends on your personal preferences, circumstances and location. It is prudent to adapt a blended approach – carry some euros obtained from your home country, use ATMs sparingly to avoid hefty fees, opt for digital platform payments when possible and use exchange bureaus or banks when necessary. Being informed of these options and the respective pros and cons would surely ensure a convenient financial journey in Greece. Visit the Land of Gods and Goddesses with peace of mind knowing you are equipped with the right financial knowledge to navigate your monetary transactions smoothly. Safe travels!