Where To Exchange Money In Amsterdam

where to exchange money in amsterdam


Whether you’re visiting Amsterdam for a holiday or relocating for work, one unavoidable task is exchanging your money into Euros. As the Guardian of Money Exchange, I offer a deep understanding of the fluctuating world of currency and the best places to initiate your transactions in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Those alighting in Amsterdam typically land at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Here, you'll find GWK Travelex kiosks for money exchange. While it may be convenient, it's essential to consider the exchange rates and commissions applied, which can be higher than other options in town. Use it for immediate small cash needs only.

Amsterdam Central Station

Inside the Amsterdam Central Station, there's another GWK Travelex currency exchange bureau. Here you can also pick up some quick cash for immediate use. It's worth noting, however, that the rates might not always be the most competitive.


One of the most reliable ways to exchange money in Amsterdam is through a bank, and ABN AMRO is a trusted option. Their International Visitors Service offers not only currency exchange but also guidance on financial matters related to travel in the Netherlands. Do note, their services come with certain fees.


ATMs, or Geldautomats as they’re locally known, are widely spread across Amsterdam. They provide one of the best ways to get Euros, often at better rates than at exchange points. Your bank or the bank associated with the Geldautomat may charge a fee for overseas transactions, make sure to inquire about these fees with your home bank.

Money Transfer and Exchange Services

Businesses like Western Union offer money transfer services where you can send money to Amsterdam from your home country and then pick it up in Euros. Be wary of transfer fees and exchange rates, which vary depending on the amount of money you're sending.

Pott Change

In the heart of Amsterdam, Pott Change provides highly competitive rates often without any service charges. Since they specialize in this trade, their rates are often better than those of banks and ATMs.

Credit and Debit Cards

In this digital age, many travelers prefer using their credit or debit cards directly. Ensure to check with your bank regarding foreign transaction fees. Also, be aware that some small businesses in Amsterdam may only accept cash.

Online Exchange Platforms

With services like TransferWise, Revolut, and XE, you can exchange money online and have the Euros delivered to you or picked up in Amsterdam, offering you both flexibility and often better rates.


Remember, exchange rates fluctuate, so timing your exchange and choosing the right service can make a significant difference. It's also critical to be aware of commissions and service fees to ensure you're getting the most out of your exchange. The places mentioned above offer a range of options that cater to different needs and preferences. Always ensure to carry some cash, as not all places in Amsterdam accept cards. Happy trading and enjoy Amsterdam!