Where To Exchange Money In Israel

where to exchange money in israel

Where to Exchange Money in Israel: Your Ultimate Guide


Straddling the delicate balance between the ancient and the modern, Israel is a unique travel destination that offers a wealth of experiences. Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, knowing where to exchange your money is crucial. This comprehensive guide will arm you with the necessary knowledge for your financial transactions during your visit.


Banks are among the most traditional places to exchange your money in Israel. Large banks like Bank Hapoalim and Leumi Bank operate numerous branches across the country. They offer competitive exchange rates and generally lower fees compared to other service providers. The main downside is the service length; you might encounter long lines, particularly during business hours, and the process can be time-consuming.

Post Office

An often overlooked yet highly reliable place to convert your money is the post office. Israel Post Office branches are widely distributed throughout cities and towns. They offer no-fee money exchanges, and the rates, while not the highest, are generally fair compared to other alternatives, especially when exchanging lesser-known currencies.

Exchange Bureaus

For those who seek convenience and speed, exchange bureaus are an excellent option. Companies like Change Place and Tiv Taam offer competitive rates and operate with extended hours for incredible convenience. Some bureaus even provide services 24/7. However, be aware of service fees and always confirm the total amount beforehand.

Hotel Exchange

Most luxury hotels in Israel offer currency exchange services to their guests. This conveniences comes at a cost though, as they tend to offer lower rates compared to banks and bureaus. It is recommended to use hotel exchanges sparingly and only for minor transactions.

Airport Exchange Services

The Ben Gurion Airport, being Israel's prime international airport, houses some exchange service providers. It is ideal for immediate transactions right after landing. However, like hotels, rates here might be slightly less advantageous due to their higher service charges.


An increasingly popular money exchange option is withdrawing directly from ATMs. Many travelers find this option favorable, thanks to the favorable rates and the convenience of 24/7 accessibility. Be mindful though, not all ATMs offer international withdrawal services. Also, be aware of possible withdrawal limits and fees imposed by both your home bank and the local ATM operator.

Online money exchange

The digital age has brought about online money exchange platforms. Companies like Rewire, CurrencyFair, and TransferWise are some of the top choices for this method. These platforms offer highly competitive rates and minimal fees; however, ensuring a stable internet connection might be a challenge.


Israel offers numerous options for money exchange. Your choice will depend on your priorities — whether it be rate, speed, availability, or convenience. It is recommended to research and compare before making any decision. Remember, as Guardian of Money Exchange, my knowledge exists to guide you through the world's financial mazes. Navigate wisely and enjoy your stay in the diverse and rich land of Israel.