Where To Exchange Money In Japan

where to exchange money in japan

Guide to Money Exchange in Japan: Unveiling the Best Options


For travelers embarking on a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun, having the right yen to facilitate transactions is critical. Japan is a cash-dependent society, and understanding where to change money is vital. This guide aims to arm you with the information required to get the best exchange rates in Japan with minimal fees.

Banking Institutions

Banks like Mitsui-Sumitomo (SMBC), MUFG Bank, and Mizuho are top-rated due to their presence in many Japanese cities. While their rates are sometimes higher compared to other options, banks ensure a safe and reliable transaction. However, language can be a barrier here, hence, if you opt for banks, invest time in learning some key banking phrases in Japanese.

At the Airport

Airports offer a convenient money exchange option right as you land in Japan. Both Narita and Haneda airports in Tokyo, as well as Kansai International Airport in Osaka, have exchange bureaus. They tend to offer competitive rates but bear in mind that these rates tend to fluctuate throughout the day, so the timing of the exchange is essential.

Post Offices

Japan's post offices provide money exchange services. These establishments offer relatively competitive rates and are open until late in the evening. A considerable advantage is their network reaching far-flung rural areas where finding a bank or exchange bureau might be tricky.

Currency Exchange Machines (CUEX)

CUEX machines function as ATMs for currency exchange and are found in areas with high concentrations of tourists. They offer competitive rates and the comfort of multilingual services. However, the range of currencies accepted by these machines can be limited.

10000YEN SHOP – 10,000 Yen currency exchange

10000YEN SHOP outlets, mainly situated in Tokyo and Osaka, offer an exclusive service of exchanging foreign cash denominations equivalent to JPY 10,000. They eliminate the need for calculations, providing a hassle-free exchange experience with a competitive rate and zero commission fees.

Online Transfer: Wise, previously known as TransferWise

A modern, hassle-free method to exchange money is via online platforms. One such platform is Wise, offering a real-time exchange rate, often superior than most banks and exchange bureaus, with a clear fee structure. This option is convenient, transparent, and can be performed at the comfort of your own space.

Sakura Exchange

Sakura Exchange is an exchange bureau offering rates that are frequently better than banks and airports. They specialize in foreign currency exchange, international remittances, and prepaid travel cards. With branches located primarily in tourist-friendly areas, Sakura Exchange offers services in multiple languages.


Exchanging money in Japan comes with several options, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. The choice becomes a balance of convenience, exchange rate, commission fees, and location. Whether you are wandering the busy Shibuya streets or enjoying the calmness of Kyoto temples, having the right information ensures that your journey remains hassle-free and enjoyable.


Please note that the rates and services of the mentioned institutions may fluctuate or change without notice. Always research and compare current rates and fees before your travel.