Where To Exchange Money In Taiwan

where to exchange money in taiwan

Where to Exchange Money in Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide

An island nation known for its beautiful landscapes, bustling night markets, and high-tech industries, Taiwan is a phenomenal destination to explore. But navigating the local currency can be challenging for foreigners. Whether you're planning a trip or already in Taiwan, this guide will explore the best places to exchange your money.

1. Banks in Taiwan

Taiwanese banks offer a variety of services, including currency exchange. With over 3000 branches across the island, they provide a reliable and convenient way to exchange money. Some of the popular banks in Taiwan include Cathay United Bank, China Trust Commercial Bank, Taipei Fubon Bank, and Bank of Taiwan. The rates offered by these banks are usually competitive. However, remember banks are subject to service charges and may also require additional documentation for transactions. It's advisable to check the working hours as not all banks operate on weekends.

2. Airport Currency Exchanges

At Taoyuan International Airport and other major airports in Taiwan, you’ll find currency exchange services. Convenient and quick, they can be the first place you exchange money. However, they tend to offer less favorable rates compared to other options. It might be more economical to exchange only a small amount for immediate needs and exchange a bulk of your money elsewhere.

3. Post Offices in Taiwan

The Chunghwa Post offers postal saving services, including currency exchange. With over a thousand branches across the country, post offices provide a convenient and safe avenue for money exchange. Be aware, though, rates and service charges can differ from banks, and they can be closed on weekends and public holidays.

4. Hotels

Many hotels in Taiwan offer currency exchange services to their guests. While this can be an easy option, it's worth noting that rates are often less competitive compared to banks or authorized money changers. This service is best reserved for emergencies or when other options aren't available.

5. Authorized Money Changers

In the bustling markets and commercial districts of Taiwan, you'll find numerous authorized money changers. They usually offer more competitive rates than banks and hotels, and some are open on weekends. Two prominent establishments are the Gold Trust Money Changer and the Pacific Exchange Co. Always remember to request a receipt for your transactions.

6. ATM Withdrawals

If you find yourself short of local currency in Taiwan, using an ATM to withdraw Taiwanese dollars makes an easy alternative. There’s an extensive network of ATMs island-wide, and they offer 24-hour service. However, transacting from an overseas account normally incurs fees both from your home bank and the local bank. Check the details with your bank for the most cost-effective method.

7. Online Money Exchange Platforms

We live in a digital world where technology has simplified tasks, and money exchange isn't left behind. Websites and apps like Books.com.tw, eBay, and Wise (formerly TransferWise) provide platforms to exchange money online before your trip or while in Taiwan. Although rates vary, they typically offer fairly competitive prices. Plus, you can often have the money delivered directly to your hotel or picked up at designated spots. In all cases, remember exchange rates fluctuate with the market. An informed decision on where to exchange your money can significantly impact your travel budget. Be sure to check the rates before committing to any money exchange service. Safe travels as you explore the enchanting island of Taiwan!