Where To Exchange Money In Singapore

where to exchange money in singapore


Understanding the efficient channels to exchange your money in Singapore is an indispensable piece of information for tourists, expatriates, and even residents. This extensive guide covers key areas ranging from reliable foreign exchange outlets, modern digital platforms, to reputable banks, which offer friendly exchange rates and minimal charges.

Mustafa Foreign Exchange

Open 24 hours a day, the Mustafa Foreign Exchange in Mustafa Centre offers competitive exchange rates. Renowned for its diverse and extensive range of services, this hub offers exchange services for a wide array of global currencies.

The Arcade at Raffles Place

Deemed as one of the most famous places for currency exchange in Singapore, The Arcade at Raffles Place houses a multitude of money changers. It's located within the Central Business District and is popular among both locals and visitors for its favorable exchange rates.

Lucky Plaza

Located along Orchard Road, Lucky Plaza houses several notable money changers that offer competitive rates. It can be a one-stop-shop for tourists shopping and dining in the area, seeking to exchange their money.


Major banks such as DBS, OCBC, and UOB also offer currency exchange services. They offer the security and assurance that come with established financial institutions. However, their rates might not be as competitive as standalone money changers.

Go digital with Revolut

The advent of digital banking has revolutionized the field of personal finance. Financial technology companies like Revolut offer currency exchange services right at your fingertips. Customers can exchange currencies at interbank rates, offering cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Online Money Changers

In the era of internet banking, online money changers offer convenient, fast transactions with competitive rates. Examples include Currency Fair, TransferWise, and WorldFirst. These platforms typically allow users to secure a better rate by "matching" their transaction with other users wanting to do a reverse transaction.

Changi Airport

With over 40 currency exchange counters, Changi Airport offers convenience, especially for incoming and departing travelers. However, note that the rates might not be as competitive as city-based moneychangers.

Crédit Agricole CIB

This financial institution provides customers with a reliable and secure platform for currency exchange. Catering primarily to businesses, Crédit Agricole CIB also services individual clients.

M1 Shop

Surprisingly, an M1 Shop, part of the M1 telecommunications company, is also a licensed money changer. They promise competitive rates and are located all around Singapore making them a convenient option. In conclusion, getting the best exchange rates requires a mix of patience, scrutiny, and prudence. Geography, service fees, local regulations, and market dynamics are some of the factors that affect the rates you get at different exchange outlets. Therefore, emphasizing the value of thorough research before making a decision.