Where To Exchange Money Buenos Aires

where to exchange money buenos aires


Travelers bound to Buenos Aires often face the crucial question of where to exchange their foreign currency. This question turns more significant as the exchange rates influence your travel budget greatly. This article aims to provide detailed insights into the best places for money exchange. Let's venture into the pulsating economic heart of Argentina and explore the realm of currency exchange in Buenos Aires.

Exchange Bureaus in Buenos Aires

Exchange bureaus, known as "casa de cambio", are a primary go-to option for most travelers. These establishments typically offer competitive rates compared to banks and are located throughout Buenos Aires. Maguitur (Florida 520) is a reputable casa de cambio, offering secure services to countless tourists. Their exchange rates are relatively fair and are listed on their website daily. Another recommended bureau is Cambio Alpe (Sarmiento 465), renowned for its efficient service and favorable rates.

Banks in Buenos Aires

Banks are the traditional choice for money exchange. While the rate might be slightly lower than those at exchange bureaus, they provide an extra level of security and comfort. The Banco de la Nación Argentina, the country's largest bank, is a preferred choice for many. With branches spread widely, this government-owned bank guarantees authenticity and reliability.

ATMs in Buenos Aires

ATMs provide a convenient option for currency exchange. They are numerous, easy to locate, and available round the clock. However, it's essential to check with your home bank about any associated international transaction fees. Furthermore, note that Argentine ATMs may have withdrawal limits.

Ezeiza International Airport

Just as you land, you can find exchange outlets at the Ezeiza International Airport. While not necessarily offering the best rates, they provide immediate access to Argentinian Pesos. Nonetheless, it's often recommended to exchange only a small amount due to less competitive rates.

Credit and Debit Cards in Buenos Aires

Using credit or debit cards for purchases in Buenos Aires may be a convenient option for many travelers. However, it's crucial to be aware that some establishments add a fee for card usage. It's advisable to notify your card provider about your travel plans to avoid any sudden deactivation due to suspected fraudulent activity.

Blue Dollar Market

The existence of an unofficial currency exchange market, the "Blue Dollar" market, is a unique characteristic of Buenos Aires. The Blue Dollar rate typically offers more value than the official exchange rates, especially during periods of economic instability. However, keep in mind that the practice is technically illegal.

Online Currency Exchange Platforms

In the modern digital age, using online exchange platforms is emerging as a go-to option for traveling tech-savvy individuals. Online platforms such as TransferWise and Revolut provide competitive exchange rates and lower fees compared to traditional exchange venues.

Recommendations and Precautions

When dealing with currency exchange, it is wise to compare rates from several outlets to maximize your exchange value. Besides, knowing the rough interbank exchange rate can help determine whether a deal is good or not. While in Buenos Aires, watch out for counterfeit bills. Count your money carefully while you're at the exchange outlet, and familiarize yourself with what the Argentinian Peso looks like. Remember to be discreet while carrying a huge amount of cash, and avoid disclosing the details of your money exchange to strangers. Your safety should always be your priority. In conclusion, Buenos Aires welcomes you with multiple options for money exchange. Choose wisely, taking into account your convenience, safety, and the best value for your money.