Where To Exchange Money In Manila

where to exchange money in manila

Where to Exchange Money in Manila: Best Options Uncovered


In the heart of the Philippines, Manila stands as an epicentre of culture, business, and most importantly, money exchange. The city bustles with foreign exchange counters, banks, and online platforms guarding your financial transactions. As the Guardian of money exchange, I'll escort you through the labyrinth of options to exchange your money in Manila with minimal fees and the best rates.


Banks are often seen as the safest places for currency exchange. They offer secure transactions and easily trackable records. The most prominent banks in Manila include Banco De Oro (BDO), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), and Metrobank. These banks offer competitive exchange rates, although it's important to note that rates fluctuate throughout the day.

Mall-Based Money Changers

Manila is rich in malls, and within them lie trusted money changers. Excellent choices include SM Malls and Robinsons. Their rates are often competitive, and the convenience of locating them within shopping centres adds to the appeal. They offer a safe environment for transactions, so you can exchange currency and enjoy a little retail therapy at the same time.

Foreign Exchange Stores

Czarina and Sanry’s are famed foreign exchange stores with branches across Manila. They tend to offer better rates than banks and are more flexible with amounts and currencies. Edzen Money Changer and W.H.A.T. Currency Exchange are also based in the city, offering good rates and accept a wide array of currencies.

Hotel Foreign Exchange Services

Luxury hotels in Manila such as The Peninsula, The Shangri-La, and The Hilton offer money exchange services to their guests. This is a convenient option, though their rates might be slightly lower than those of dedicated foreign exchange stores. However, the ease and safety these hotels offer can often outweigh the slight difference in rates.

Airport Money Changers

The Manila International Airport presents travellers with a convenient option to exchange their money upon arrival. Though exchange rates at airports may not be the most favourable due to high rental costs, it's beneficial for any immediate cash needs post-flight.

Online Currency Exchange Platforms

With the digital world at your fingertips, several online platforms allow for easy currency exchange. Companies like TransferWise and Payoneer, offer competitive rates and lower processing fees. Though not an immediate cash solution, they are perfect for digital transactions if you link your local bank account.

Remittance Centers:

Remittance centers like Palawan Pawnshop, Lhuillier, and Western Union also offer money exchange services. They are a good bet for people without a bank account and are located densely across the city. Being common cash-out points, they usually offer better rates than banks.


Manila provides abundant options for money exchange that suit every traveler's needs. Regardless of your choice, remember that rates fluctuate throughout the day and it's paramount to ensure the credibility of your chosen service. Let this guide illuminate your path in navigating the realm of money exchange in Manila. The magic lies in finding your perfect balance between rates, security, and convenience.