Thailand Where To Exchange Money

thailand where to exchange money


As the Guardian of money exchange, I extend my hand to guide you through the labyrinth of foreign currency exchange in the enchanting land of Thailand. In a country known as much for its idyllic sandy beaches as vivacious nightlife, finding the best places to swap your hard-earned money is no less than treasure hunting. Let's explore the myriad options Thailand has to offer.

Arriving in Thailand

The first contact many travellers have with Thailand's currency, the Thai Baht (THB), is generally at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok or another airport. Airport-based currency exchange counters are plentiful, but the rates they offer often aren't as wallet-friendly as other options in the country. They however offer the ease of immediate currency availability, especially useful if you require THB just after arriving.

Thai Banks

One of the most reliable and convenient options to exchange your currency in Thailand is local banks. Notable Thai banks include Kasikorn Bank, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), and Bangkok Bank, have branches throughout the country. The rates offered by banks are competitive and mostly consistent across all branches. Before visiting, check if your home bank has a partnership with any Thai bank for potentially lower fees.


ATMs are an excellent option for accessing local currency, especially if convenience is a top priority. Thailand's robust banking infrastructure ensures ATMs are located throughout the country, from thrumming cities to peaceful countryside towns. Keep in mind, using an ATM outside of your bank's network usually incurs a fee. Try withdrawing larger amounts to offset the transaction fee.

Exchange Bureaus and Kiosks

Thailand is peppered with small exchange bureaus and kiosks, giving travellers a quick and convenient way to swap their currency for Baht. These tiny establishments are often prevalent in shopping centres, such as MBK and Terminal 21, and popular tourist areas. Their rates can vary widely, so it's worth shopping around.


SuperRich is an independently owned money exchange company and boasts as one of the best exchange rates in Thailand. You'll find SuperRich outlets across Thailand, particularly in Bangkok, where the vivid orange (SuperRich1965) and green (SuperRich1695) storefronts are impossible to miss. Always have your passport handy for identification requirements at these locations.

Online Money Exchange Platforms

In the digital era, financial technology companies offer services to exchange your money online before your trip. Platforms such as TransferWise, Revolut, and Paypal may provide advantageous rates and low transaction fees. It's always wise to review the full cost, including the impact of exchange rates and any fees, before finalising the transaction.

Hotel Currency Exchange

Most hotels in Thailand provide currency exchange services for their guests. Although convenient, this amenity usually comes with a higher cost compared to other options. Factor in the exchange rate and the commission fee before exchanging a large sum at a hotel.

Credit Cards

Travel-friendly credit cards are another popular option for spending overseas. Generally, Visa and Mastercard provide competitive exchange rates. However, do take note of potential foreign transaction fees imposed by your card issuer.


Exploring Thailand comes with many decisions – where to visit, what to eat, and among the crucial ones, where to exchange money. Navigating this landscape with knowledge, planning, and judicious comparison can help you get the most value for your money. Whether you lean towards the cautious route of banks and ATMs or the adventurous path of SuperRich or shopping centres, may your journey be as rich as the experience Thailand offers. Remember, as the Guardian of money exchange, my wisdom and counsel will always remain at your service. Adventure awaits!