Where To Exchange Mexican Money

where to exchange mexican money


Growing in a digitalised world, money exchange has become easier and convenient across the globe. One such direction is exchanging Mexican Peso (MXN) in various locations or platforms. This article will guide you through the best places to exchange your Mexican money.

Traditional Banks

Most people turn to their traditional banks for currency exchange, and it has its merits. Banks offer safety and reliability. Major banks like Scotiabank, RBC, and TD Bank often handle a variety of currencies including the Mexican Peso. However, bear in mind that banks typically offer lower exchange rates compared to other platforms. Also, they charge conversion fees that can take a bite out of your total.

Online Money Exchange Platforms

In the light of digital revolution, numerous online money exchange platforms have emerged, offering competitive rates and low fees. Platforms like Interchange Financial, KnightsbridgeFX, and Wise (formerly TransferWise) can provide quick, efficient exchanges often at better rates than traditional banks. With these platforms, you can exchange your money from the comfort of your home, without having to physically visit an outlet.

Currency Exchange Bureaus

Currency exchange bureaus, like Calforex, provide a convenient option especially if you’re in a hurry or need the money in cash form. They are often found in popular urban areas or shopping centres, rendering convenience. Nevertheless, take note of their service fees and commission rates as they can be higher than banks.

Travelling to Mexico

If you’re travelling to Mexico, you might opt to exchange your money upon arrival. ATMs in Mexico often offer a decent exchange rate. However, remember to check with your bank about the overseas withdrawal fees to avoid any unanticipated charges. Alternatively, you can exchange your money at an exchange bureau in Mexico. Granted, rates at airports tend to be less favourable due to lower competition, so try and get to a city exchange bureau if you can.

A Peer-to-Peer Exchange

A more modern approach is using peer-to-peer (P2P) services to exchange money. Through platforms like CurrencyFair and OFX, people needing to convert their currency get matched, bypassing traditional exchange systems. These P2P platforms offer good exchange rates with lower fees.

Prepaid Travel Cards

Prepaid travel cards like Revolut and TransferWise Borderless card can be charged with your home currency, and then used abroad for transactions. These cards can save you a great deal because they tend to offer better exchange rates with no hidden fees.


As a summary, there are multiple ways to exchange your Mexican Peso, each with their specific merits and limitations. It is key to remember that the best method depends on your needs - the urgency, the amount to be exchanged, your willingness to pay for convenience, your preference for digital or physical transactions, and so forth. Therefore, spend a little time researching your options to make the right decision.