How To Track Uae Exchange Money Transfer

how to track uae exchange money transfer


Transferring money across borders can be a complicated and tiresome process. But with the rise of modern platforms, like UAE Exchange, a world leader in remittance, foreign exchange, and payment solutions, the process has gotten easier. This guide will provide the wand-waving secrets you need to smoothly, securely, track your UAE Exchange money transfer.

Understanding UAE Exchange Services

First, let's understand what UAE Exchange is. Formed in 1980 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE Exchange operates in more than 30 countries globally. It offers a vast range of financial services, including money transfer both domestic and international, foreign exchange, bill payments, and more. The comprehensive platform allows you to send and receive money and track the transfer seamlessly.

Creating an Account

Before you can send or track money via UAE Exchange, you must first create an account on their platform. This will require you to provide your basic information, contact details, and agree to their terms and conditions followed by email verification. After verification, your account is ready for use.

Sending Money through UAE Exchange

With your account set up, you can now proceed to send money. This includes deciding the recipient, the amount, and the selected currency. With the transaction confirmed, you will receive a unique transaction number, the key to tracking your money transfer.

Tracking Money Transfers

Now with the unique identifying number associated with your transaction, you can easily track your money transfer.

1. Online Tracking:

You can easily check the status of your UAE Exchange by logging into your online account and navigating to the 'Track Transfer' section. Here, you'll have to input your unique transaction number to receive real-time updates about your transfer.

2. App Tracking:

With the advent of smartphones, tracking your money transfer is as easy as downloading the UAE Exchange app. With the app installed, tracking your transfer is only a few taps away with the 'Transaction History' or 'Track Transfer' tab.

3. Customer Service:

In the absence of internet access or any complications, you can always call UAE Exchange's customer service, provide your transaction number, and get a real-time update on your transfer.


Navigating the battlefield of international money transfer requires knowledge, patience, and caution. Thanks to services like UAE Exchange, tracking the status of your money transfer is now in the palm of your hand, offering peace of mind. Remember, each money transfer leap takes with it not just financial value, but also emotional value, ensuring a loved one's welfare, a friend's urgent need, a business's growth. Knowing exactly where that leap is soaring – that's a power that the guardians, or you, should wield wisely.