Who Lives On Doulton Drive Mississauga


Mississauga is renowned as one of Canada’s most multicultural and rapidly growing cities. Among its colourful tapestry of neighbourhoods, Doulton Drive stands out as one of the most prestigious addresses. When driving down this picturesque street, one can’t help but be captivated by the rows of sprawling, custom-built estate homes, each exuding its unique charm and architectural splendour.

Historical Background

Doulton Drive derives its name from the famous English pottery company, Royal Doulton. The street was once part of a large, private estate, owned by Harold Rea, a Royal Doulton representative in Canada. Today, the area flourishes as an affluent residential neighbourhood, boasting unique properties characterized by their expansive size and timeless architectural designs.

Demographics of Doulton Drive

Residents of Doulton Drive can be broadly defined as upper-income earners. The area is home to professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs from diverse ethnic backgrounds, contributing to the multicultural tapestry that exemplifies not only Mississauga, but Canada as a whole. As an exclusive enclave in Mississauga, it attracts people seeking privacy while still being in close proximity to the city's amenities.

Real Estate Overview

Properties on Doulton Drive are generally valued at several million dollars, with architectural styles ranging from modern, minimalist designs to traditional, regal structures. Many homes are fenced off and consist of multiple bedrooms, entertainment spaces, and luxurious amenities such as home theatres, indoor pools and landscaping. These luxurious residences truly signify the upper bracket of Mississauga's real estate market.

Trends in Doulton Drive Real Estate

Notwithstanding the global economy's fluctuations, the market on Doulton Drive remains strong and stable. The notable demand for property in this area is driven by its combination of privacy, luxury, and convenience. With the trend of remote-working and the increased desire for spacious domestic environments, Doulton Drive’s appeal is expected to continue surging.

Culture and Lifestyle

Doulton Drive embodies an elegant lifestyle. The residents are likely to enjoy cultural experiences like art exhibitions, symphony performances, and gourmet dining. Many are also philanthropic, contributing to local causes and global initiatives. The area also supports an active lifestyle with nearby parks and access to Mississauga's extensive network of trails.


Doulton Drive, Mississauga, is more than just an address - it is a lifestyle testament. Its multicultural, affluent community, the rich history that surrounds the properties, and the connection to a larger, dynamic city make it an intriguing study for real estate buffs, urban planners, and socio-cultural researchers alike. It is a locale that beautifully illustrates Mississauga's cultural and economic diversity, serving as an epitome of the city's high-life living.