How Much Is Mississauga Transit

how much is mississauga transit

Understanding the Costs of Mississauga Transit


Located in the heart of Southern Ontario, Mississauga is an integral part of the Greater Toronto Area and has a complex transit system handled mainly by MiWay. As Ontario's third-largest transit system, MiWay offers a comprehensive and connectivity-ensuring transportation network ranging from local routes, express routes to community routes. This article offers an in-depth look at the cost of Mississauga transit, allowing you to plan your travels with ease.

MiWay Fare Structure: Regular Cash Fare

The basic fare for MiWay, which applies to everyone aged 13-64, is $4.00 for a single trip when paying in cash. It is worth noting that the fare does not offer transfer privileges which means if you exit and re-board the bus, you will be charged again. It's available on all MiWay buses.


For more frequent travellers, it can be economical to invest in a PRESTO card. Fares for the PRESTO Card users are discounted. Adults pay $3.10, while seniors pay $2.10 per ride. Students between the ages 13-19 can ride for $2.35 per trip. The card costs $6.00 to purchase and offers seamless transfer between MiWay and other regional public transit systems.

Student and Seniors' Discounts

There are discounts available for seniors (65+) and students (13-19). The discounted cash fare for seniors is $2.00 per ride, while for students, it's $3.00. Monthly passes are available as well, offering unlimited travel for the month. The senior monthly pass is $65.00, and the High School Students can purchase a monthly pass for $110.00.

Children and Toddlers

A special advantage of MiWay is its free service for children. Children aged 12 and under travel free on all MiWay buses. This facilitation aids in promoting the use of public transport from a young age.

Transit Passes

For patrons who use MiWay services regularly, MiWay offers various passes. Adult monthly passes are charged at $135.00. This allows unlimited travel within all of Mississauga for that month. Post-Secondary students enrolled full-time at participating schools can avail themselves of a semester pass at $292.00.

GO Transit Co-Fares

MiWay also offers a discounted co-fare of $0.80 when you connect between MiWay and GO Transit. It's available to PRESTO users who pay a MiWay fare before or after travelling on a GO Train or Bus.


Whether you are a resident of Mississauga or a visitor, understanding the various transit options and pricing can make your commute around the bustling city much easier. Keep in mind that all fares are subject to change, and it's recommended to check the latest pricing on the MiWay transit official website. Through proficient planning and utilising the various ticketing options, you can conveniently navigate the cityscape of Mississauga. * Note: All fares mentioned in the article are subject to change and accurate at the time of writing. Please always verify from MiWay's official website for the most updated fares.