How To Get To Niagara Falls From Mississauga

how to get to niagara falls from mississauga

Travelling from Mississauga to Niagara Falls: A Complete Guide


Niagara Falls, one of Canada's most spectacular natural attractions, is within easy reach from the city of Mississauga. There are several means of transport available to suit various travel requirements and preferences. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to get to Niagara Falls from Mississauga. Beyond transportation, you'll learn about the attractions to visit, the best time to travel, and helpful tips to make your journey more enjoyable.

Option 1: Drive from Mississauga to Niagara Falls

The most flexible and arguably most popular option to get to Niagara Falls from Mississauga is driving. The distance between the two cities is approximately 120 kilometres.

Route Description

The quickest and most straightforward route is via the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW); the drive takes about 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the traffic. Another alternative route is via ON-406 S, which passes through scenic wine country, although it's a longer drive at about two to two-and-a-half hours.

Option 2: Public Transit from Mississauga to Niagara Falls

Public transit is a convenient option for those who prefer not to drive. It's also an eco-friendly and affordable way to travel.

Route Description

Go Transit operates train and bus services from Mississauga to Niagara Falls. The journey can take approximately 2 hours, depending on the number of stops. From Mississauga, you will take the Lakeshore West Train to Burlington where you transfer to Bus Route 12 towards Niagara Falls.

Option 3: Taking a Guided Tour from Mississauga to Niagara Falls

Guided tours provide a hassle-free and educational way to visit Niagara Falls. This option is best for those who prefer structured itineraries and expert guidance.


Many tour operators offer day trips from Mississauga to Niagara Falls. The duration of the tours is usually about 9-12 hours including the transportation time. Most tours include tickets to major attractions, such as the Hornblower Cruise and the Journey Behind the Falls.

Option 4: Taking a Taxi or Uber from Mississauga to Niagara Falls

For a more direct means of travel, you might consider taking a taxi or Uber.


The fastest and direct route to Niagara Falls from Mississauga is via QEW and the journey can take about 1.5 hours. However, depending on the time of travel and the traffic conditions, this can take longer.


Your choice of transport could depend on several factors: the time you have for travel, your budget, and your personal preferences. Understanding these options will make your trip from Mississauga to Niagara Falls an adventure, regardless of the transport mode you choose. Enjoy your journey to one of Canada's most impressive natural wonders, exploring its mesmerizing beauty and soaking in its pulsating energy. Hopefully, this guide helps you in planning your travel from Mississauga to Niagara Falls, ensuring a smooth, comfortable, and memorable trip.


Before deciding on your travel, make sure to check updated schedules for public transport and any roadwork advisories if driving. For guided tours, read reviews, and compare different providers for the best quality and pricing. If considering ridesharing or taxi services, be sure to validate the approximate fare in advance.