How Far Is Scarborough From Mississauga

how far is scarborough from mississauga


Mississauga and Scarborough are two of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), each boasting their unique character, dynamic cultural diversity, and distinctive urban environments. While both locations are part of the same urban complex, they still exhibit significant distances from one another which impacts transport, logistics, and community interplay. Let's examine this in more detail.

Geographical Context

Scarborough is a district located in the eastern part of Toronto, while Mississauga is a city in its own right, situated to the west of downtown Toronto. Both are key identities in the GTA, serving as hubs for business, culture, and residential communities. Although they share boundaries with Toronto, their distance from each other is a result of the sprawling GTA landscape.

Distance between Scarborough and Mississauga

The exact distance between Scarborough and Mississauga can vary slightly, depending on the specific starting and ending points. However, generally, they are approximately 41 kilometers apart when driving through the highway. This translates into roughly a 30 to 45-minute drive, depending on traffic and the exact route taken.

Evaluating Transportation Options

The robust public and road transport networks ensure accessibility between Scarborough and Mississauga. Regular bus and rail services operate between these two locations, serviced mainly by GO Transit, TTC, and MiWay. Driving remains a popular option too, with major highways like the Queen Elizabeth Way and Highway 401 providing quick links.

Impact on Real Estate

The physical distance between Scarborough and Mississauga impacts their real estate markets. Scarborough's real estate is typically less expensive than in Mississauga, largely due to its farther distance from downtown Toronto. This distance effect results in a greater supply of affordable housing in Scarborough. However, Mississauga is growing as a competitive market with rising development, particularly its downtown Square One area.

Inter-City Collaboration and Interaction

Despite their distance, Scarborough and Mississauga have a robust inter-city dynamic, bolstered not just by transport, but also by the shared workforce, common environmental concerns like air quality, and collaborative cultural initiatives. The Mississauga Halal Food Festival and Scarborough's Taste of Lawrence are examples of events that see participation from residents of both cities.


The distance between Scarborough and Mississauga is more than just mileage on a map; it also underlines real estate dynamics, decision points in transportation, and cultural interplay. By understanding this distance, we take a step closer to comprehending the intricate urban fabric of the GTA. Despite the space between them, these two cities continue to function as integral parts of the Greater Toronto Area, their relationship defined not by boundaries but by their shared cultural, economic, and social ecosystems.