How Much Is Mississauga Bus Fare

how much is mississauga bus fare

Understanding the Cost: A Comprehensive Guide to Mississauga Bus Fare


Mississauga, one of the most vibrant cities in Greater Toronto, is a hub of cultural, environmental, and urban dynamics with a well-developed transportation structure. This article will provide a comprehensive guide covering all the nuances related to the bus fares in Mississauga, unraveling the intricate pricing system to help residents and visitors navigate the city with ease.

General Fare Structure

The primary public transport service of Mississauga is operated by MiWay, also known to the locals as Mississauga Transit. An adult single fare on MiWay costs $4.00 CDN when paid in cash. However, this fare slightly reduces to $3.10 CDN if you are using a PRESTO card, a contactless smart card for paying transit fares within the Greater Toronto Area.

Senior and Youth Fare

MiWay provides concessionary fare rates for seniors and youth. Riders aged 65 and above are eligible for a reduced fare of $2.00 CDN per single ride with a PRESTO card. Simultaneously, youth aged between 13 and 19 can enjoy a fare rate of $2.35 CDN per ride, also using a PRESTO Card.

Child Fare

Children under 12 years old can ride free of charge on all MiWay buses. This free ride policy facilitates families in Mississauga by making city travel more affordable.

Bus Fare for Disabled

MiWay offers a support person card that allows a support person to accompany the cardholder free of charge. To get this card, one must apply to MiWay and demonstrate that they require a support person due to a disability.

Weekly and Monthly Passes

For regular commuters, MiWay offers weekly and monthly passes, offering unlimited travel during the validity period. The adult weekly pass costs $34.00 CDN, and the monthly pass is $135.00 CDN. Reduced rates apply for seniors and youths.

Ticket Strips

For those who find the cash fare costly but do not travel enough to invest in a weekly or monthly pass, MiWay offers a more cost-effective solution - ticket strips. You can buy a strip of 5 tickets for $15.50 CDN, offering a single ride cost of just $3.10 CDN.

PRESTO Card: The Key to Reducing Bus Fare

The PRESTO card is an effective way of slashing your daily commute expenses in Mississauga. This rechargeable card offers lower rates than cash fares and is easily usable across different transit systems in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.


Whether you are visiting or are a resident requiring daily commute, understanding the comprehensive bus fare structure of Mississauga can go a long way in managing your budget and time efficiently. While the fare might appear complex at first glance, it offers a range of options designed to cater to different residents and their varying necessities. Remember to have the right fare or a charged PRESTO card on hand before embarking on your journey because drivers do not have the ability to provide change! In a city as vibrant and bustling as Mississauga, the bus service is indeed a lifeline, connecting the city and its people. Happy commuting! (Note: All costs are mentioned in CDN (Canadian Dollar), the official currency of Canada. Rates are accurate as of the writing of this article and are subject to change as per the official policies of MiWay.)