What To Do In Mississauga Today

what to do in mississauga today


Welcome to Mississauga - the thriving city filled with a vibrant cultural scene, expansive parks, superb restaurants, and high-octane entertainment venues. No matter your interest, you'll discover a wealth of things to do today in this diverse city that continually finds new ways to entertain its residents and visitors alike. Let's explore what Mississauga has to offer.

Outdoor Activities: Step into the Lap of Nature

One of the joys of Mississauga is its bounty of natural beauty, so why not spend part of your day in the great outdoors? Jack Darling Memorial Park is a prime location for picnics with its beautiful waterfront view and expansive space. If you're a nature lover, don’t miss out on Riverwood Conservancy. Known as the “Urban Oasis,” it is the city's enviro-education centre laced with numerous trails for hiking and bird watching.

Explore the Arts: Cultural Enthrallment

Mississauga's cultural scene is exuberant, filled with life and energy. One could spend an entire day at the Living Arts Centre, which hosts art classes, theatre performances, and esteemed exhibitions. Visit the Art Gallery of Mississauga, a public, not-for-profit art gallery offering contemporary visual arts programming that encourages art appreciation and understanding.

Sports Adrenaline: Gear up for Thrills

Looking for a thrill? Mississauga is home to the Hershey Centre (currently known as Paramount Fine Foods Centre), a premier sports and entertainment venue hosting a myriad of events, from hockey games to boxing matches. Also, you can hit the golfing greens at one of the many area courses, such as Lakeview Golf Course, one of Canada's finest.

Food and Drink: Culinary journey

For foodies, Mississauga is nothing short of a culinary paradise. The city’s diverse food scene offers tastes from all corners of the world. From the decadent cheesecakes at Lazar Famous Deli & Bakery, sumptuous Hakka cuisine at the Hakka Ren restaurant, or the elegant dining experience at Cagney’s Steakhouse, there's a plethora of options for food exploration.

Shopping Delight: Retail Therapy

If you fancy a shopping spree, head to Square One Shopping Centre, the largest shopping centre in Ontario. With a wide selection of over 360 retailers, it offers everything from high-end brands to local boutiques making it a shopper's paradise.

Take a Historic Tour: Stepping Back in Time

One can't explore Mississauga without delving into its rich historic roots. Take a tour of the Benares Historic House, showcasing over 160 years of intriguing history. Another telltale of the city’s history, Bradley Museum complex, provides a glimpse into the rustic life of early Mississauga settlers.

Nightlife: Dance the Night Away

As the sun sets, Mississauga's nightlife pulsates with life. Authentic Irish pubs like Failte provide live music, while clubs like &Co Resto Bar on Square One Drive provide a swanky, modern place to dance the night away. There's something for all nocturnal creatures in this lively city.


Mississauga, with its blend of cultural vibrancy, scenic beauty, and inspiring urban feel, is full of prospects for exploration and enjoyment. No matter how you choose to spend your day in this dynamic city, Mississauga is ready to surprise you with its charm and convivial spirit. Remember, the city’s dynamism gives birth to new opportunities every day. So, this is simply a snapshot of ways to explore Mississauga today. The reality is that every journey in this city begins with a sense of wonder, culminating in delightful discovery. Dive in, and let Mississauga amaze you with each visit.