How Much Is Bus Fare Mississauga

how much is bus fare mississauga

Understanding Mississauga's Bus Fare Structure

Mississauga, Ontario, famously known as Canada's sixth-largest city, is a prime example of multiculturalism and economic growth. The city's sophisticated blend of culture, technology, and transportation infrastructure, including its well-structured public transit system—MiWay—plays a significant role. Offering efficient, convenient, and cost-effective transport services across the city, Miway has been pivotal in fueling Mississauga's urban development. This article delves into the details of various fare options provided by MiWay.

Presto Card Fares

One of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to pay for bus fares in Mississauga is by using the Presto Card. This stored-value card allows you to pay the exact fare amount without worrying about carrying change. The adult fare for a single trip using the Presto Card is $3.10, while the fare for seniors and youth is $2.05 and $2.35, respectively.

Cash Fare

Although the Presto Card method is encouraged for its ease of use, MiWay does accept cash as well. It's vital to note that drivers do not provide change; exact change is required. A single trip costs $4.00 for adults, while seniors and students have to pay $2.75 and $3.25, respectively.

Tickets and Passes

MiWay offers a number of tickets and passes for frequent riders. These provide riders with unlimited travel within a specified duration. An adult monthly pass costs $135, a senior monthly pass is $65, and a student monthly pass is $110. For post-secondary students, a semester pass that offers unlimited rides for four months is available at $490.

Discounted Fares

MiWay offers discounted fares to specific population categories, namely, seniors, students, and children. Children under 12 years can ride the bus for free. However, high school students aged 13-19 years and seniors aged 65 and above are required to show a valid ID to avail discounted fares.

Free Shuttle Service

An integral part of MiWay's service is its free shuttle rides during specific city events. These shuttle services play a vital role in easing traffic congestion during major events and promoting safe and convenient transportation among attendees.


Transfers are free and automatically encoded into the Presto Card at the time of fare payment. It is worth mentioning that transfers are valid for a specific duration (usually two hours) and can be used across MiWay buses and even on other transit systems within the Greater Toronto Area that accept Presto cards. The fold is to offer reliable, seamless, and affordable transit services in Mississauga, MiWay has employed an excellent system of fares tailored for various demographic groups. Whether you need to take an occasional ride or are a daily commuter, MiWay's fare system has options to cater to everyone's needs. Embracing these services can set you on the path to easier, cheaper, and safer transit throughout Mississauga.