What Is The Population Of Mississauga

what is the population of mississauga

Introduction to Mississauga

Mississauga, Ontario's third-largest city and Canada's sixth largest, is a vibrant, multicultural hub teeming with life and culture. Overlooking the serene Lake Ontario and encircled by an array of green parks, Mississauga is a model city with a unique mix of high-rise condos, thriving industries, and heritage sites. This article will delve deep into the population aspect of the city.

Historical Context on Mississauga's Population

Establishing itself as a city in 1974, Mississauga has seen a striking surge in its population over the decades. Initially, it started as a collection of villages and towns. With time, a powerful sense of community and a resourceful economy shaped Mississauga's identity and played a substantial role in attracting people to settle in this city.

Modern-Day Mississauga Population Figures

According to the census data of 2016, the population of Mississauga was recorded as being approximately 721,599. Recent estimates by Statistics Canada suggest a current population of roughly 778,000 in 2020, and the city continues to grow consistently. It is worth noting the city's notable population density of 2,468 people per square kilometre, contributing to its vibrant and bustling atmosphere.

Diversity: A Key Characteristic of Mississauga’s Population

Mississauga serves as a cultural melting pot, holding vast appeal due to its welcoming nature towards diversity. The city takes immense pride in its multiculturalism, with over half the population being of a visible minority, according to the 2016 census. Mississauga cohesively encompasses a broad range of ethnic, religious, and linguistic diversity, making it a perfect showcase for the multicultural fabric of Canada.

Age Distribution in Mississauga

Mississauga's population is marginally skewed towards the younger age spectrum. The median age in the city is slightly lower than the national median, signalling a largely youthful population. This creates a dynamic city atmosphere imbued with energy, innovation, and growth.

Impact of Immigration on Mississauga's Population

Immigration plays an integral role in Mississauga's growing population. A significant proportion of the residents are immigrants who found their new home in this welcoming city, bringing an array of cultures, foods, music, and traditions from all corners of the world.

Mississauga’s Future Population Projections

With steady growth trends, Mississauga's population is projected to continue its upward trajectory. It's estimated to reach close to one million by 2041, indicative of its ongoing attractiveness as a place to live and work.


Understanding the population dynamics of Mississauga sheds significant light on its cultural vibrancy, economic robustness, and future potential. As a flourishing urban center that embraces diversity, attracts immigrants, and fosters a youthful demographic, Mississauga is a city poised for future growth and success. The evolving population of this city significantly contributes to its character, shaping its future while informing its present.