How Much Does The Mayor Of Mississauga Make

how much does the mayor of mississauga make


Mississauga, the sixth-largest city in Canada, and a bustling hub of commerce, culture, and governance, boasts a critical role within the Greater Toronto Area. As the leader of this dynamic city, the Mayor of Mississauga holds a significant position of responsibilities and duties. But have you ever wondered how much the Mayor earns for all their hard work and dedication? This article will explore in detail the remuneration of Mississauga's Mayor.

The Role and Responsibilities of the Mayor

Before delving into the specifics of the Mayor's salary, it's crucial to understand the range of duties and responsibilities associated with the position. The Mayor's role extends beyond mere ceremonial functions. As the city's chief executive officer, they manage the city's operations, represent the city domestically and internationally, lead city council meetings, and address the community's concerns.

The Mayor's Remuneration

According to the latest Council Compensation Report, the Mayor of Mississauga earns a base salary of over $190,000 annually. This figure is similar to, if not more than, the average wage of Mayors in comparable major Canadian municipalities.

Additional Benefits and Allocations

On top of the base salary, the Mayor also receives additional benefits and allowances. These include provisions for a car, a pension plan, payment for meeting attendance, an expense account, and several lucrative insurance benefits. However, these benefits vary annually and are subject to Council approval.

Comparison With Other Municipalities

When compared to other major Canadian municipalities, Mississauga's Mayor earns a competitive salary. Despite having a smaller population than cities like Toronto and Vancouver, Mississauga is a highly industrialized and prosperous city, and its Mayor's salary reflects this economic vitality.

Salary Determination

Established by a council-appointed independent remuneration committee, the Mayor's salary takes into account several factors, including the city's size, the Mayor's workload, and the salaries of other municipal officials within the Greater Toronto Area.

Value and Transparency

While the salary might appear substantial, it's important to remember the extensiveness of the Mayor's role. Leading a city as dynamic and formidable as Mississauga demands constant attention, commitment, and effort. Plus, the Mayor’s remuneration is public record, fostering transparency and accountability in local governance.


Running a city as extensive and multicultural as Mississauga is no small feat. The Mayor's salary is indicative of this massive undertaking, ensuring that the city can attract the most qualified, dedicated individuals to this pivotal role. Remember, the Mayor does more than cut ribbons at openings; they set the direction for the city's future, making critical decisions on civic matters and representing the city's best interests both domestically and internationally. Their compensation is a reflection of these immense responsibilities and duties.