Who Is The Mayor Of Mississauga

A Comprehensive Look at the Mayor of Mississauga

Mississauga, one of Canada's rapidly growing cities, has been blessed with dynamic and dedicated local leadership. Decisions that affect the city's cultural, environmental, and urban lifestyle are led by the city's Mayor. As of writing this article, the Mayor holding the administrative reins of Mississauga is Mayor Bonnie Crombie.

The Journey of Bonnie Crombie

Becoming a mayor is not an easy task; it is the culmination of years of public service, dedication, and hard work. Bonnie Crombie’s journey is no exception. Born on February 5, 1960, in Toronto, Bonnie Crombie has always been an insightful and strong leader. She began her career in corporate marketing and business development before stepping into politics. Crombie first came into the political spotlight by winning a seat in the Federal House of Commons in 2008 as a Liberal Party member. After serving the riding of Mississauga-Streetsville for three years, she decided to embark on her municipal political career.

Becoming the Mayor of Mississauga

In 2011, Crombie was elected as a city councillor to represent Wards 5. Still, her ambitions didn't stop there. Always focused on taking Mississauga to new heights of success, Crombie ran for mayor in the 2014 elections following the retirement of the legendary Hazel Mccallion, who served as the Mayor for 36 years. Crombie emerged victorious, earning her the prestigious title of the Mayor. Since then, she has been serving the people of Mississauga with utter dedication and a progressive vision.

Contributions as Mississauga’s Mayor

In her tenure as Mayor, Crombie has proposed and implemented several movements and strategies for the betterment of Mississauga. From advocating for affordable housing and transit to promoting businesses and job growth, she has laid down a strategic and holistic approach for a prosperous Mississauga.

Ambitious for Mississauga's Future

Crombie is determined to make Mississauga a city where people choose to be. Her Master Plan includes various components like the Lakeview Waterfront Development Project, Dundas Connects, and Downtown Strategy, promising individuals a promising future in Mississauga. She has also been a strong promoter of diversity and multiculturalism, acknowledging that it's the city's lifeblood and key for its continual growth.


Mayor Bonnie Crombie's commitment to the city of Mississauga is undeniable. Her focus on sustainable development, promoting a diversified economy, and focus on social cohesion mark a bright future for the city. Through her diligent efforts and visionary leadership, Crombie ensures that Mississauga doesn't just grow but thrives, offering its residents a high quality of life. Her stint as the city's Mayor is a testament to her dedicated service to the people and her relentless efforts to make Mississauga a global city. At every step, Crombie upholds the spirit and values of Mississauga, showing that she isn't just the Mayor of the city - She embodies everything the city represents: diversity, ambition, and a forward-thinking approach. With a leader like Bonnie Crombie at the helm, the future of Mississauga is indeed bright.