What Is Open In Mississauga Today

what is open in mississauga today


Located only 30 minutes out of downtown Toronto, Mississauga, Ontario's 6th largest city, encapsulates a wonderful blend of vibrant city life and calming natural scenery. Today, the city is gingerly emerging from the throes of the persistent pandemic and dare we say, Mississauga is open for business and pleasure. Here's what's open in Mississauga today.

The Living Arts Centre

One of Mississauga's top arts and culture destinations, The Living Arts Centre, is now open. With all safety protocols in place, you can explore its free art exhibits, participate in community outreach programs, or watch captivating live performances. The Centre offers a fantastic opportunity for an afternoon or evening of cultural indulgence.

Square One Shopping Centre

Square One Shopping Centre, one of Canada's largest retail complexes, is open to all shopaholic souls with safety measures in place. The mall is home to more than 360 shops and services, from high-end fashion stores to popular dining options, catering to every type of consumer.

Mississauga's Scenic Parks

Mississauga is home to breath-taking parks, including Jack Darling Memorial Park, and Riverwood Park, which are open during daylight hours. These parks offer an abundance of green spaces, trails for hiking and biking, and playgrounds. Whether you want a quiet stroll amidst nature or a spirited game of frisbee, these outdoor spaces offer endless possibilities.

Port Credit

The charming village of Port Credit is open for visitors. With its distinct marine heritage, trendy shops, world-class restaurants, and alluring waterfront, Port Credit is an exceptional place to visit. Don't forget to take a refreshing walk along the Waterfront Trail!

The Art Gallery of Mississauga

Be captivated by contemporary Canadian visual arts at the Art Gallery of Mississauga. The gallery is open for visitors, holding both physical and online exhibitions. The displayed artworks act as a mirror reflecting the city's diverse cultural fabric.

The Britannia Farm Sugar Bush

For a unique outdoor experience, the Britannia Farm Sugar Bush is open to the public. This 200-acre preserved agricultural site features walking trails, a sugar shack, and a farm barn. You can learn about farm life and maple syrup extraction amidst an open-air, rejuvenating ambience.

Mississauga's Dining Scene

Mississauga's culinary scene, famous for its incredible multicultural dimension, is open to satiate your food cravings. Restaurants across the city are serving guests while adhering to health regulations. Whether it's an Asian delicacy or Italian cuisine, Mississauga's dining scene has something for everyone.

Playdium Park

If you're seeking an adrenaline rush, Playdium Park is open with all its adventure-packed offerings. With indoor and outdoor attractions, from video and redemption games to the thrilling go-kart, this entertainment complex guarantees an action-filled day.


While the pandemic has brought significant changes, Mississauga has adapted, offering a multitude of open venues for residents and visitors. With safety measures in place, you can enjoy various facets of the city's cultural, commercial, and natural attractions. Come, explore what is open in Mississauga today and experience the city in its full spirit.