How Far Is Kitchener From Mississauga

how far is kitchener from mississauga


Mississauga, located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), has established itself as an urban hub of culture and commerce. Not surprisingly, its proclivity to ongoing development and economic growth often invites comparisons with other rousing cities, such as Kitchener. Located just west of Mississauga, Kitchener offers its own share of attractive amenities and prospects. However, one question often looms large: how far is Kitchener from Mississauga? We'll discuss this in detail, providing insight into the distance by various modes of transportation.

Geographical Distance

Kitchener city stands approximately 81 kilometers west of Mississauga, nestled comfortably within the larger Regional Municipality of Waterloo. This proximity effectively positions both cities as neighboring entities within Southern Ontario's expanse, each contributing significantly to the province's cultural and economic fabric.

Distance by Road

The travel distance by car can differ depending on the route chosen. The most direct route via Highway 401 measures approximately 109 kilometers, with travel times potentially varying between 1 to 1.5 hours under optimal conditions. A longer but scenic route is via Highway 7, measuring approximately 130 kilometers. Travelers often prefer this road for the less busy traffic and the enjoyable views offered along the journey, which can take up to 2 hours.

Distance by Train

Via Rail and GO Transit serve both Mississauga and Kitchener, enabling commuter convenience. The total journey can take between 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on the specific service and time of commute. The railway link not only serves commuters but interestingly connects these cities' historical roots to their present development.

Distance by Air

As the crow flies, the aerial distance between Mississauga and Kitchener measures up to 64 kilometers. Of course, opting for air travel internally might not be a pragmatic choice given the logistical considerations. However, this information certainly emphasizes their geographical proximity within Southern Ontario's territory.


The distance from Mississauga to Kitchener is indeed influenced by the mode of transport, the chosen route, and traffic conditions. Averaging the distances, it's safe to mark the cities at roughly 100 kilometers apart. Nevertheless, the vibrant opportunities, cultural exchanges, and economic interaction present in both cities certainly make them intricately connected and thriving neighbors within the expanse of Southern Ontario.